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Romantic wedding in Puglia countryside, South Italy

L’amore di Francesca e Saverio è incredibilmente magico e reale allo stesso tempo, proprio come i grandi alberi di olivo che circondano la splendida campagna pugliese. La loro semplicità e passione, i loro tocchi e sorrisi, il amore e le emozioni che hanno condiviso l’uno con l’altro – consentono al fotografo di accedere alle loro più intime momenti, creando la perfetta sensazione tra loro e la telecamera. Le loro famiglie e amici si recano verso i bellissimi Ostuni e si radunarono nel paesaggio sorprendente della Masseria Mozzone per celebrare l’amore. Alimenti tradizionali, fiori delicati, buon vino e un tocco di “pizzica” hanno contribuito a una serata indimenticabile di divertimento e di luce.

Romantic Wedding Puglia countryside South Italy
Romantic Wedding Puglia countryside South Italy

Luogo:  Masseria Mozzone
Disegno di fiori:  Amsicorafiori di Mariuccia Tricarico
Musica:  Swing 39
DJ set:  Paolo Guido
Fotografo:  Francesco Gravina
Seconda sparatutto:  Gianni Naraccio

Wedding in Santorini Oia Suites

More than anything else, a wedding should be a celebration of true love between two people eager to join their lives and declare their commitment to each other. Holly and Jeremy’s wedding was precisely that. And they chose the perfect place for it: Santorini, one of the most enchanting and romantic islands in the world.

Holly and Jeremy are indeed one of my favorite couples. They were so friendly, warm and honest that from the very first moment I felt that I had known them for years! About two years ago they visited the volcanic island of Santorini and instantly fell in love with its timeless, out-of-this-world beauty and magic. So, they traveled all the way from California to tie the knot here, in sunny Greece.

The first look took place on a balcony overlooking the sparkling Aegean blue, and the ceremony was held on a spacious terrace with unobstructed views, under a beautiful arch decorated with green branches. It was a very touching scene when the couple read their vows. Everybody was moved. Emotion filled the air, and there were tears of joy and happy smiles. I must admit that I almost forgot the reason I was there and enjoyed every single minute, every single word! And I remembered once again what a great honor and privilege it is to capture such precious moments with your camera and record them forever.

Maria and the whole awesome team of Tie the Knot in Santorini had created a dream atmosphere for the ceremony with their simple but elegant decoration and floral arrangements, including the beautiful bridal bouquet plus the sweetest and quietest little donkey wearing the colors of the wedding!

The reception was held in Santorini Mou, an amazing local restaurant that the newlyweds –and all their guests– absolutely loved. Fantastic food, fiesta lights and live Greek music played by the owner himself –with no microphones but with lots of enthusiasm– made the evening truly unforgettable.

Dear Holly and Jeremy, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I wish you all the happiness in the world and a wonderful life together!

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca City is the capital of the homonymous state of Mexico, known for its cultural and gastronomic traditions.
Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site, and the symbol of the city is the beautiful baroque church of Santo Domingo de Guzman, where the Pilar and Lorenzo wedding was celebrated.

A marriage in the name of the colors, the music and traditions of Mexico.

When the bride and groom leave the church, the party can start the “Calendar”, the traditional Oaxacan parade with giant puppets and women in traditional costumes who parade carrying baskets with flowers dancing to the rhythm of the band that accompanies them. Following the spectacular fireworks and finally the parade through the city center with all the guests.

The celebration continued at “Casa Dos Lagos” who welcomed relatives and friends with a dream location, where emotion, fun and lots of love have created an unforgettable night, even for me that I had the honor of being the visual witness of this incredible wedding in the land of Mexico.

Wedding at Villa Magia – Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Federica and Stefano have decided to marry in a wonderful location, Villa Magia in Positano, a characteristic country on the Amalfi Coast.

The subtle rain did not bother the breathtaking panorama, perched on the coast, Positano, give a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The colors of this land, the yellow of lemons and oranges and the lush green trees, together with the elegant outfits and details chosen by the couple, are the perfect elements for a simple but great wedding. Everything was really exciting and authentic, the bride and the groom visibly moved, spent the day in the affection and smiles of friends and relatives. For the couple photos I chose to move between the typical panoramic views, while for the reception, the wonderful terraces of the Villa were the perfect location until late at night.

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Wedding at the Outrigger, Fiji

Did you ever dream of a tropical wedding with white sand and swaying palm trees? These lovebirds gathered their friends and family all the way from New Zealand to Fiji to celebrate their union.

You will see lots of very personal touches: the mother of the bride’s handmade all the bouquets and buttonholes, the bride made their invitation… She also had gifts for her dad, mum, and nephew for this special day, which made everyone fuzzy and warm.

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