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Lartington Hall Wedding in County Durham by York Place Studios

From their very first email it was clear how much Claire and Chris connected with our work and how much fun their wedding day was going to be! Highlights included the bus ride with all the guests and our gorgeous bride and groom, the comedic lads at the cigar party, the crazy dancing at the end of the night and loads of green sparkling confetti at one of the most fun couple sessions we have ever photographed. we are still finding all kinds of green sparkles in our bags three months later but it was completely worth it!

Dominique and Liam // York Place

Lartington Hall Wedding by York Place Studios

Lartington Hall Wedding Photographer

Jen & Andrew’s Tea Party Wedding UK

It’s been a while since our last post, we’ve got quite used to being swamped this year but taking some time out for our anniversary has meant we’ve had no time to update the blog at all! We’ll try our best to catch up next month but for now we’d like to share Jen and Andrews wedding with you all.

This wedding is one we’ve been really eager to post, not just because it reminds us of warmer days which it seems unlikely we’ll get again for a good few months. We loved everything about Jen and Andrew’s big day, from the morning’s bacon sandwiches right through to the evening dancing where we found ourselves not really wanting to head home (Although our feet would have protested).

We’ve often said that we feel incredibly lucky to get such great couples to photograph, it makes our job so much easier because we don’t really treat what we do as work. One of the things we love is that the couples that book us, aside from being fantastic people, have fantastic relationships. When we get home and upload the photos it’s clear to see just how much the day means to everyone involved. Jen and Andrew were the perfect example of this, there were so many ‘moments’ to choose from, excited friends and family, thoroughly entertaining groomsmen and the looks shared between the dapper groom and beautiful bride.

The ceremony took place at All Hallows Church in Almondbury and the reception was held at the incredible Crow Hill in Marsden. We hadn’t shot a wedding at Crow Hill before but we were blown away by the eclectic decorations (And the vintage camera collection!) and we can see why Jen and Andrew loved it so much. Suffice to say this is a wedding we’ll remember for a long time to come and a couple who we’ll remember for much longer than that!

– Chris and Verity

Middleton Lodge Wedding in North Yorkshire by York Place Studios

This was our first visit to Middleton Lodge and we had such a fabulous time photographing Stuart and Sophie’s wedding day. There was clay pigeon shooting in the morning, an intimate and emotional outdoor ceremony, brilliantly comedic speeches (our favourite bit was when the best man emerged with two photographs, one of a younger Stuart and the other Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch!) and a spectacular fireworks display which had everyone whooping!

Dominique and Liam // York Place

Middleton Lodge Wedding Photographer

Caroline & Joe’s York Wedding

We last saw Joe and Caroline back in April where we met their two sons Elijah and Jacob the kids quickly became the stars of the shoot and it was great to stand back and watch such a lovely family. Since then we’ve had a jam-packed summer but we’ve both been especially looking forward to their Papakata wedding in York. We loved what everyone wore on the day, from Caroline’s floral dress to Elijah and Jacobs colour coordinated Converse – not to mention Joe’s fantastic waistcoat and collarless shirt! We’ve seen lots of different and equally fantastic decorations but I don’t think we’ve ever seen such diverse and thought out table details, with each one following the theme of a country they had visited. There were so many ‘moments’ in this wedding that we really couldn’t narrow it down any more than we have for the blog, everyone was so full of excitement and joy that the rain did absolutely nothing to dampen spirits. At the end of the evenings shooting we both felt like we could quite happily have stayed all night, there’s clearly a reason everyone had so much fun on the day and I can see why, Joe and Caroline are just great fun to be around!

– Chris and Verity

Laura & Lawrence’s Priest House Wedding

We always love weddings that feel a bit different, we’ve had some unique locations, off beat themes and a whole range of different running orders for what used to be the most traditional of days. I suppose in many ways our style lends its-self to this kind of wedding far more than the more formal affairs.

Laura and Lawrence chose the beautiful Priests House for the wedding venue and were keen to make sure their day was modern, relaxed and personal. They asked guests to dress a little more casual than most weddings and opted to do away with the idea of a formal wedding breakfast. Instead the afternoon was filled with laughter, outdoor games and even a keg (As well as a few hours spent attempting and failing to get phone signal to check up on the Tour De France stage result.) The Priest House was just up the road from where Verity and I got married 6 months ago, we love this area and being able to go back every now and again to capture someone else’ special day is amazing.

Fortunately the weather was perfect for their outdoor games and it seemed like the day went exactly how Laura and Lawrence had envisioned. Weddings are always long days for us, on our feet and shooting away for at 12-16 hours at a time we often get back late at night completely shattered but always pleased with a day’s hard work. Somehow, despite the heat, the trekking to locations for a couple shoot and the sheer amount going on, we left the Laura and Lawrence’s wedding feeling as though we’d have happily shot for another few hours thanks to some of the friendliest guests we’ve ever met and a few shared interests! (not including a good few midge bites along the way!)

– Chris and Verity Sansom