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5 reasons to have a small wedding in 2020

Chelsea Register Office wedding photographer Douglas Fry5 reasons to have a small wedding in 2020

Later this month with any luck the government will allow small weddings in England and we thought we would highlight the reasons why small weddings can be the ideal solution for couples that had planned a large wedding but now have to downsize and rethink their celebration.

1. Social Distancing in a crowded space is very stressful.

Everyone has had the moment in the supermarket when pandemic etiquette goes into overdrive, the awkward hesitation, then exasperation, lunging and grabbing the quinoa and profusely apologising for closing the 3 meter hidden exclusion zone. Imagine this pressure at a wedding when everyone is on social tip toes anyway, it would all be too intense. Instead, how about half a dozen guests who are all of a similar mind set who can all have common sense and just relax and enjoy the ceremony and reception? Sounds much better…stress free

2. Growing Number of Venues

The number of venues on offer grows too, all the smaller quirky hotels and Register Offices from downtown Chelsea to a quaint hotel room are now on your shortlist. All the guests can easily drive there for the day or stay over, no need to worry about parking for 50 cars, or where the Portaloos may be placed out of sight, or the complex seating plan…Of course the wedding celebration can take place later in the year when there’s a chance things will be back to normal. Couples often decide to make the most of this opportunity to have portrait sessions taken in front of a number of London’s well known attractions, from China Town to Tower Bridge and St Paul’s. Hire a taxi and with a good driver I can shoot up to 10 locations in one day. It really does make for a dramatic and unique set of images.

3. Delay but Don’t Cancel the Celebration

Don’t let something like a pandemic put a stick in the spokes of a celebration that’s been in the planning stage for many months if not years, talk about an emotional deflation! Just go ahead on or as near as the original date, make it small and intimate wedding and postpone the wedding party till the following year with friends and family who can all then mingle and catch up on news in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

4. Cost Savings

Simple economics may play a significant role this year too, so perhaps it is sensible to keep the wedding in the diary but make it a simple affair with immediate family. Exchange the vows, have that first kiss and make sure the Prosecco is on ice. This will still be one of the most significant days of your life and one to remember foreve

5. Small Weddings are Romantic

Remember too, a small wedding is a romantic wedding, a large venue with 100 guests has melodrama certainly, but half a dozen people gathered around a couple exchanging vows in defiance of all the difficulties going on around the world right now and seeing the lasting long-term value of marriage can only restore the faith in human spirit in all of us.

Do hire a photographer, when the Prosecco and cake have all been quaffed and eaten, the one thing that will remind of these extraordinary times and the day you put all thoughts of vaccines and isolation to one side for a short while, will be your treasured photographs. Don’t let a family member feel obliged to get out their iPhone and witness the day through the back of a screen. Wedding photographs are worth every penny in the years to come, so make them good ones.

By Douglas Fry Wedding Photographer

Elopement wedding photograph

Covid 19 and my thoughts

Hi – We are Mick and Ash from MIKI Studios, an award-winning and destination wedding photographer from London, UK. We capture the wedding on photo and film together within the same studio. We thought we would take some time to write down our thoughts about the industry and the impact of COVID 19.

COVID 19 is hitting everyone young and old, across every industry which is totally unprecedented. Most crises don’t impact in the way COVID 19 has across the World. That means we are truly ‘all in this together’. Right from the outset, our couples are being impacted as much (or even more) in most cases than us. Meaning everyone seems to be really supportive, considerate and helpful to each other. We are not going into conversations on the attack or defence. We have been totally open with our couples and we believe we have gone above and beyond to make the whole situation as easy as possible for everyone. 95% of all our communication has been over the phone and not behind email. Every one of our couples has appreciated that we have taken the lead on open and honest communication.

This is a very dramatic short term hit, there is no doubt about it. However, the probability is the economy and the wedding industry will bounce back pretty quickly (12 months or so), the same amount of people will still get married and still want the part of their lives! We will lose great companies in the industry along the way which is very unfortunate and sad, but those that survive will be stronger and more resilient. Things that will change in the short term is companies trying to protect themselves from being in this situation again, whether that’s larger deposits or requesting full payment earlier but in the medium term, we will probably all start to forget what this felt like and the pendulum will swing back to a more ‘normal’ position.

This is the time to get your house (or business) in order. Whether that is accounting, branding, website, SEO etc. This is not the time to take your foot off the gas and sit and mope about how the government should or shouldn’t have down things differently. Businesses that use this time to get an advantage on their competitors no matter how small will come out of this situation better and more prepared to hit the ground running. For us, we are still working as hard, if not harder than ever. We are focusing on the things we can impact like on the back end of the website, branding and improving the areas of the business most people won’t see (other than our couples) on making our couples experience the best we can. SEO is a long game so the benefits won’t be seen for months to come but it’s like planting seeds, you cant expect crops to grow if you don’t plant them and water them frequently.

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Jungfraujoch and Interlaken Switzerland

We traveled by train from Interlaken to the “Top of Europe” Jungfraujoch in Switzerland to do this amazing honeymoon photo session. It was a beautiful experience to be the photographer of this amazing couple!

Junfrau, Interlaken and Grindelwald

We traveled through Junfrau area to search for beautiful spots for inspiration. First, we arrived to the surroundings of Lake Brienz and their cozy small towns then we went to Lauterbrunnen Valley where it began to get mysterious and foggy. Grindelwald and Spiez was our last stop.  It was a real pleasure to be the photographer of this fantastic young couple!

Wedding in Italy Capri island

Some destinations are so breathtakingly beautiful that they hardly seem real, and Capri is definitely one of these magical places! This is why Alpha and Alpha (yes, that’s right, the bride and the groom happened to have the same name!), a lovely young couple of Ethiopian origin who met and fell in love in New York, chose to get married on this small Italian island that is often referred to as “l’ isola d’ amore” (“the island of love”).

The wedding story began with a fantastic sailing trip around the entire island and the Amalfi Coast that the lucky guests, who had come from the four corners of the world – Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, Asia and the United States –, enjoyed tremendously. It was a wonderful day in late May, the sun was shining sweetly on the crystal clear waters, and there was a light, refreshing breeze. Champagne, laughter and songs – and let’s not forget the amazing traditional Ethiopian wedding ululation! – Turned the tour into an amazing experience for everybody. A delicious dinner awaited us later in the picturesque town of Capri, where we had mouth-watering Italian pizza and exquisite wine.

The wedding ceremony took place in the open air, in the lush gardens of a majestic private villa. Ethiopian women are renowned for their beauty, and the stunningly beautiful bride was the living proof!

It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to work with Erin Lindeman, a wedding planner of international fame, who took care of everything and had organized the whole event expertly and reliably down to the last detail. The reception was held in the romantic environment of the garden, where the tables were arranged in a long straight line under the palm trees, while the elegant flower arrangements and the candles created a dreamy atmosphere. The fantastic mozzarella snacks prepared by a chef on the spot during the cocktail party, the superb food, and the Ethiopian music and traditional dances made the whole evening a unique experience for all of us.

Dear Alpha & Alpha, thank you so much for your trust and also for the opportunity to discover and enjoy the fascinating traditions of Ethiopia. May your journey together in life be as happy and beautiful as your perfect wedding day!

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas