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Split Croatia Wedding

For your engagement, wedding or honeymoon shooting you can choose one million of places around the world, but hardly you will find any as beautiful and unique as Split in Croatia. Many of couples around the world recognized it and engaged us to take their photographs exactly under the shadows of the historical palace or under the sun in Split.

Split Croatia Wedding Shooting

Unusual engagement session in Hvar, Croatia

Ana&Matija are adventurous souls. Not only they didn’t want the “usual” engagement session, but were so relaxed and spontaneous on the shooting that my job was simply to put myself on the right spot at the right time. Images were created in Sveta Nedilja, a small place in Hvar, Croatia are to be used in their wedding invitation.

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Castles, Carriages and Fairy-tale Wedding Charm

Have you ever dreamt of a true fairy-tale wedding? The idyllic romance of Baroque castles, horse-drawn carriages and a touch of magical scenery? Well, radiant newly weds Martina and Matej were lucky enough to experience their big day within the warmth of a magical fairy-tale setting tucked away in renaissance-like beauty of northern Croatia.

Our excited couple simply wanted to grasp a timeless setting for their album. Somewhere which blends together a touch of history and classicism. A place which adds a sense of character and ambiance. The charm of the Trakoscan castle and the baroque town of Varaždin, known as the ‘Little Vienna’, certainly ticked all the boxes.

As soon as the day began and the reality of the day started to absorb – Martina and Matej literally became a prince and princess for the day! The dreamy hilly landscape becoming the backdrop for many of our shots gave us all original and charming results.

We simply loved the natural wooden bridges and the cream-stoned castle walls which really added a noble feel to the images. Matina and Matej rode away in a magical horse-drawn carriage just as if they were royalty celebrities – which is certainly how they felt!

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer

What could possibly be more delightful than celebrating true love surrounded by the historic city walls of Dubrovnik?! Moreover, part of this unique structure could be closed exclusively for your wedding ceremony, to make the most of your special moments, overlooking the city and amazingly blue waters of the Adriatic sea. So, imagine turbulent times when the walls defended the city from countless assaults and with a sip of your cocktail enjoy in being a part of the history itself, creating your wedding memories at the same time.

Apart of city walls, there are also numerous narrow streets of this magnificent town which tell their unique stories just like every couple tell their own…in Dubrovnik, not even bad weather can spoil your romance! Enjoy these photos where we made this couple’s fairytale become their everlasting true story…

Zvonimir Kusec

Hvar Wedding Photographer

Wedding on Island Hvar, Croatia
24th of August 2013

Every couple has its story but ours is special 🙂

We met by pure coincidence. I worked in a bar on the island Krk and Simon was on holidays. He visited my bar and I thought Simon is a handsome German guy I met a couple of days before so I approached him very confident by saying: “Guten Abend”with a big smile. You needed to see my face when I discover he is an English man. But that was love on the first sight.

After knowing him for just 6 days, very bravely, I decided to accept his offer to visit him in his home and two weeks later I am on the plane to Scotland.

That was 4 years ago…in the meantime we were living in Jordan and Scotland and now finally settling down in Croatia.

And here we are! Having a beautiful wedding with our dearest ones on the lovely island of Hvar!

The story continues…

Jelena & Simon

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