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Wedding Ana e Luis

If you want to get your photographer crazy, just do your wedding countryside… Have a lot of things that you can shoot, many beautiful details about the wedding. The energy also is important and it never default for Ana and Luis. The proof is in the days blessed by the Gods, in the wedding like in the rehearsal. I don’t have doubt that the happiness will be present in the life of the couple for all eternity.

Wedding Carol e Jose

Again I try to choose around 30 photos to post here, but I can never separate less than 100, and there is still a lot of legal photo outside,also, a wedding more beautiful than another  and couples so dear as Carol and Joseph are special to me for 3 reasons:

1) By being super ultra mega hyper dear;
2) have given me the honor to record time of such great significance in their lives;
3) Coming from a generation of friends who also chose me and that passed the indication below, Marcelo/Gabriela and Fabiana/Rodrigo, as well as other friends who, although I may not have photographed, always add comments to my favor. AND here is the proof of the quality of the services rendered is passed on by word of mouth. Now, we are the beautiful, cheerful, colorful, exciting images.


Wedding Mariana & Zein

Isn’t anyone that can photograph a Miss, especially in a distinct moment from the walkways.

The energy is completely different, but isn’t less intense. Between poses and emotion, the writing with the light forms a visual symphony.

Being with Mariana and Zein at their pre wedding photoshoot, and a little more in the past with Mariana shooting for fashion magazines, made me understand a little bit of their beautiful history.

What I have here in images is a very peculiar summary, from several feelings that I had the honour to capture… and that every bit of joy and love registered be eternal.

Wedding Dominique & Fernando

Look, there’s not much to say about this wedding. I already posted too much pictures, so it’ll talk for me. And this is just a little summary…

These pictures are my commentaries of the event in the form of images. I describe them with my eyes, my mind and mostly with my heart.

It’s impossible not be involved with the couple and feel connected in some way with the feeling that exists between them. I’m connect as lens, sensor, memory card and the shooter button pressed at every single moment.

Lots of happiness for you, my friends!!!

Pre wedding Carol & José

There’s no rain that can keep Wil from making pictures… St. Peter sent us a multi color paint to frame the lovebirds in the photos.  A location to protect us from the rain becomes a scenery for art.

My photographic umbrella was multitask, it bounced the light, protected the models from the rain and composed the pictures.

Carol and José, wish you all the happiness and see you at the great day.

Beauty: Geraldine Woellner – Blitz Beauty
Eyebrow designer: Stela Mansur