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Canadian Rockie Mountain Wedding

We don’t normally get to enjoy our summer (due to the busy wedding season), thus we are extremely happy to photograph Canadian Rocky Mountain weddings during summer time. It was not long ago since we photographed Katherine & Mark’s engagement photos in Calgary downtown. (Click Here to see their engagement photos)

Highlights of the Day

  • Every bride’s maid wore like 10-inches super high heel shoes.
  • Katherine self designed 8 different Totoro fans for the guests to use during ceremony (and use it to block the sun)
  • The outside photo session was full of laughs! (Just see how photogenic they were and you will know why we couldn’t finish on time)  It was very funny when we were stopped by one of Mark’s  students from SAIT  while  photographing  on the Engineering bridge. Apparently Mark was one of those amazing teachers that you would dream to have when you were in school.
  • Gorgeous golf course for ceremony and reception backdrop!
  • Since Katherine is a graphic designer herself, she DIY all of the wedding details!  Check out her creativity!
  • Katherine’s  Chinese traditional dress was so mix of modern and tradition….we absolutely loved how it fit on her and made her glow!
  • At the end of the night, Mark and Katherine planned a surprise “firework” show for all the guests! None of our cameras focused in the absolute darkness….luckily, we had a video light that saved us!

Candice and Andrew Modern Calgary Engagement Photography

We create and capture memories for many couples, but I have never once wished to redo my own engagement photos, until now. I envy Candice and Andrew for having a such variety in their photos. Urban city structures, dancing in the rain, amazingly green field, rusty train and beautiful sunset. Please don’t think that I favour this couple…none of us were powerful enough to predict and plan for the weather. Candice and Andrew took a chance. I phoned them at noon on Sunday to let them know downtown was raining badly…knowing how much she wanted the soft sunset lighting for her photos…I offered them to reschedule. Candice was brave enough to try anything, even bad weather….and it turned out to be an amazing day with lots of creativity. Cheers!



Beautiful wedding at Calgary St. Mary Cathedral & Calgary Zoo & Calgary Italian Club – Yueko Image Photography

It has been raining hard for a week in Calgary. Cathy and Winky have put in a lot of effort to organize their wedding, but they forgot to plan for the bad weather. A day prior, Winky phoned every place I provided him on the list and none of them were available. He finally phoned Calgary Zoo, with a very pricey photography fee, he got in. Cathy and Winky are very urban and modern people, zoo was the last place on their mind. Surprisingly, there were no rain on their wedding day, except gorgeous clouds and hot sun! Zoo however, turned out to be one the best locations that I have ever worked at….with great varieties. The wedding parties were constantly entertained by different animals…made the photo shoot fun and joyful. Their Wedding photos turn out to be so different from their urban and modern engagement photo. To see more, visit Yueko Image Blog