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Rustic and Intimate Wedding in Kenya

When I received the request for a quote for a wedding in Kenya, I was so happy that jumped for the whole office. I can not describe the emotion the day when I received the confirmation !!!I told a very special love story in a magical and unique place … more precisely on Chylu Hills in southern Kenya. Luca and Antonella are the owners of the wonderful lodge Campi ya Kanzi, where they live and work alongside the Maasai for 20 years. What a better place for the ceremony and their intimate wedding dinner?

Twenty years ago they left Italy to fulfill their dreams and have not returned.

In these twenty years, they have founded the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, and they had three wonderful children: Lucrezia, Jacopo, and Lorenzo.

To tell their love story for me was an enormous task because I wanted to tell their twenty years in Africa.

I wanted to tell their intimate wedding, but I wanted to tell all of the Maasai community and of the boundless love that their children have for them and vice versa.

It was not easy, but I think I have partly succeeded.

I hope one day to have the opportunity to return to Kenya to be able to tell other stories of true love like that of Luca and Antonella.

Serina & Manny (Maasai Mara Wedding)

A simple wedding in Kenya’s Maasai Mara was Serina and Manny’s dream come true.

It was sentimental and personal in that it was just the two of them (no bridal part, no parents, no friends) that made it easy to shoot, do silly compositions and be as goofy as it could possibly be. The wedding was officiated by a Maasai elder together with group of more senior elders who gave them their blessings and wished them twins later in life. Maasai Mara was cloudy this time as opposed to the hot and dusty terrain that’s normally there during the great migration.

A hot air balloon ride was yet to follow the next morning at 6:30am. There was no epic Mara sunrise as we hoped but all in all here are some of the images that made the day what it was.

Chop Ma Money

This is the photo session we had with Grace and Edward on their wedding day last week Friday and they allowed me to post this way before they get their album. This was my very first photo session with a storyline to it and it was all random and unplanned for but seems to have come together into a nice story. So sit down and enjoy the second part of the love story….

So Grace and Edu finally got married and life really happened for them. Grace finally became manager at the amusement park and Edu went to open up his own professional car wash business. Money was flowing that they had to CHOP some MONEY. There was no better place to do this than at a casino.

At the end of it all, they wake up only to realise it was all a dream

Samantha + Wachira

Last weddings of the year are always my favourite especially when you know after that its HOLIDAY!!!

Until the following year when you have a pile of close to 10 weddings to edit, print and deliver before February is over. But I cannot complain, I still love my job.

I’m tempted to say it was a simple wedding but it was not. From decor to suppliers, this was a wedding worth shooting. Everything took place at one location apart from the photo-session which was at an undisclosed location in Runda. Interesting part was to come back from the photo session only to find the women in the most jovial mood I have ever seen, I would bet alcohol had a role to play in all that. Here are the pics that endowed the day and feel free to share.