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Engagement photography in Marrakesh

As a destination wedding photographer, I’m always on the lookout for new exotic and exciting destinations!

I recently had the chance to meet Camelia & Ray, a beautiful couple from the South of France. For their engagement session, they wanted something special. Something that would have a connection with the way they had met several years ago. So they asked me if I’d be OK to follow them to Marrakesh in Morocco! Of course, I was!

So here we are, in the souk (old market) of one of the most beautiful and atypical cities in Northern Africa: Marrakesh! The Taj, the Palaces, and Riads, the Mosques, the spices, the snake charmers, the beautiful gardens.

The Souk of Marrakesh

Shooting an engagement session at the largest traditional market in Morocco is, by all means, a challenge. Very busy, very crowded and asking a couple to pose and hug in such a place is not so easy. So we did it the easy way as I asked Camelia & Ray to walk and behave just the way they would if they were simply having a stroll through the souk. I ended up getting natural shots with a taste of Morocco culture. Exactly what I was looking for!

The Majorelle Garden

We then headed to the Majorelle Garden (Jardin Majorelle in French), the most beautiful garden of Marrakesh, restored by the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent. For the occasion, Camelia decided to wear blue “Majorelle”- colored earrings. Although it was pouring down the whole time, we managed to take some great shots. This, by the way, is the place where Camelia & Ray had their first kiss a few years back! So we had to take a shot to remind them of this beautiful day 🙂

The Trash the dress session

We had such a great time in Morocco that Camelia & Ray decided to have their trash the dress session in Morocco as well! We’ll be back soon, but this time we will go to the desert for something more spectacular!

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