Bright and Airy Wedding Photographer

What Does it Mean to be a Bright and Airy Wedding Photographer?

Being a Bright and Airy wedding photographer is more than just a “shooting style”.  It’s also an editing style.  Consider it also a “mood”.  I love this style because it promotes cheeriness and happiness!  It’s also classic and will not go out of style.

Bright and Airy (and Light and Airy) is referring to photography that is the opposite of “Dark and Moody”.   And below are a few of the common characteristics that you can expect from a Light and Airy Photographer.

Characteristics of a Bright and Airy Wedding Photo:

  • Colors in the photos tend to lean more Pastel.
  • It’s shot in Natural Light
  • It often will be “less colorful”, by incorporating a more subtle color pallet.
  • Skys and Landscapes will not be as dramatic.

Here is a nice example of a Light and Airy photo taken by K. Lenox Photography

Being a bright and airy wedding photographer means that it’s crucial that we shoot in a certain way that allows us to hone in this beautiful style.   So the best time to shoot this way is early morning before just after the sun rises… and about an hour before sunset.   These times are when the light is softest and most flattering.   We also tend to shoot “wide open” which allows for us to achieve those creamy blurred out backdrops.

Bright and Airy Wedding Photo taken by K. Lenox Photography

Venue Charastics that will promote the Bright and Airy photography style.

  • Lots of  Windows
  • Plenty of Natural Light
  • Neutral Colored Walls/Ceilings
  • Be free from clutter

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Bright and Airy wedding photographer- K. Lenox Photography

Bright and Airy Wedding Photo taken by K. Lenox Photography In Portsmouth NH.


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