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Destination Wedding in Rome, Italy

Hiaf and Lissia, for friends Lea, are a beautiful Lebanese couple.

They decided to get married in Rome, at Castello Della Castelluccia, a fantastic location, because it allows you to have everything there, in a unique location. The groom and the bride with their relatives and friends have prepared in private rooms.

The ceremony took place inside the castle with an open private church.

We have made the photo shoot in the tree-lined avenue that takes the visitor to the Castle.

Dinner with dancing took place outdoors.

Francesco and Marcela choose ‘Il Borro’ for their luxury wedding in Tuscany

From Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Il Borro an amazing location for a luxury venue in Tuscany, Italy. Francesco and Marcela have chosen this five stars place to celebrate their wedding. The ceremony was in the intimate church of the typical Tuscan village located close to the main body of the Villa, Il Borro. The entire wedding was planned by one of the most important international wedding planner, Robert Cohen, that had chosen the best in every field: florists, music and lights, caterer, video, and photographer.

The bride’s dress has been made in Brazil by two of the most famous wedding tailor of the country, they were at the wedding as guests, and they helped the bride during her dressing.

My team was composed by me and two others photographers. Each of us was involved in different things. One with the bride, one with the groom – alone during their getting ready and together from the ceremony – and the other took photos of the details and followed the guests. I’ve worked mostly of the day in a photojournalistic style, catching candid moments and spontaneous situations. During the couple photo session I’ve moved in the Borro’s garden and old village when the light was good for intimate atmosphere: before and during the sunset – golden hour – and just before darkness – blue hour – so to have the better result in photography. I’ve also use infrared photography.

The reception was on the terrace of Borro with an amazing view of the Tuscan countryside.


Here a short selection of the story of the day before and the Big Day.

Wedding in Tuscany

Isabel and Tom decide to get married in the beautiful Tuscany, in Villa Catignano. Both the bride and groom got ready inside the Villa: Isabel, the bride, surrounded by her bridesmaids and Tom, the groom, started relaxing in the pool area with his groomsmen. The ceremony was celebrated in the lemon garden in a very intense atmosphere. After the confetti time, the couple took some photos in the Italian garden between trees and courtyards. The dinner was served outdoor with a suggestive sunset.

Norwegian Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Annabel and Petter are a beautiful couple from Norway. For their Norwegian Destination Wedding, they chose the picturesque setting of the Tuscan hills and stayed with friends and relatives at the Relais Ciavatta in Montemerano. I joined the couple the day before the wedding to photograph them as engaged and capture with my shots the dinner of the night before and the dances.

On the wedding day, the sun shone high in the sky, the bride in the morning wanted to spend some time with her bridesmaids in the pool. Once ready, the groom and the bride met under the beautiful flowery arch set up for the occasion within the location. The ceremony was touching and very heartfelt.

After we moved to the center of Montemerano to realize the couple’s photographic session.

For dinner, we then returned to the location, where in another area of the structure the tables for the guests were elegantly set up. During dinner, the guests read their speeches. After dinner and after the traditional cut of the cake the party moved to the pool where between a cocktail and an ice cream the dances continued until late at night.

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Wedding Dream Photography in Sicily

Two beautiful spouses, who are close to our heart, because they are also part of our study. The saying is true that sooner or later it’s up to everyone.

One sunny day, one morning a beautiful woman wakes up and dreams of getting married. This is how the journey of Annalisa and Luca begins, in the daily life of their day. In the love given by the little things. Awakening, shaving, breakfast, hair make-up. All like a dream. Then the bridegroom Luca goes away, accompanied by a kiss and the bride remains alone to write the promises of love and get ready.

The day continues, and they see each other again as if it were the first time. They are ready to swear the love. The wind among the branches, the chirping of the bird’s witnesses of their passion. Immutable. Faithful. In time. A few portraits for this couple so special to the rhythm of their hearts, in the enchantment of nature. A toast while looking in the eyes. Some joking pictures.

“She looked at her, but with a look for which the word look is too strong, a marvelous look that is seeing without wondering about anything, seeing and no more.”

“Something like two things that touch each other—the eyes and the image — a look that does not take but receives, in the absolute silence of the mind, the only look that could really save us — innocent of any question, still not tainted by the vice of wanting to know — the only innocence that could prevent the hurt caused by external things when they enter the sphere of our sensibilities — to see — to feel — because it would be no more than a marvelous vis-a-vis, us and things, whereby our eyes receive the whole world — to receive — without questions, even without wonder — to receive — only — to receive — in our eyes — the whole world.” – Alessandro Baricco – Ocean Sea

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