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Wedding Photography – Chic Boho Destination in Sayulita

For those who don’t know Sayulita, it is a magic town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It is also the perfect location to spend some relaxing time on the beach, surf the waves, enjoy mexican gastronomy and of course, to get married.

When it comes to getting married in Sayulita, you can’t go wrong with Luz Ochoa of Sayulita Weddings. Every time I have worked with her on a wedding, she succeeded to amaze me with her creativity and her team professionalism.
And this occasion wasn’t exception! The day started off with a perfectly cloudless sky and a bright sun that remained during all the event. Roy & Emily’s chose Sayulita as their paradise to get married, and they couldn’t be happier about their choice.

For the photography, I chose to limit the use of flashes and keep the most natural light as possible in my compositions. I also took the particular decision to leave the 85mm on the side and to fully enjoy my tilt-shift 45mm. For those who know that lens, it may sound crazy as this is a very difficult lens to master in motion scenes, but in the end, I feel like I made the right choice when looking back at my shots. It brought some depth of field to all my pictures.

Wedding Photography – Chic boho destination in Sayulita