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Wedding Photography – Chic Boho Destination in Sayulita

For those who don’t know Sayulita, it is a magic town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It is also the perfect location to spend some relaxing time on the beach, surf the waves, enjoy mexican gastronomy and of course, to get married.

When it comes to getting married in Sayulita, you can’t go wrong with Luz Ochoa of Sayulita Weddings. Every time I have worked with her on a wedding, she succeeded to amaze me with her creativity and her team professionalism.
And this occasion wasn’t exception! The day started off with a perfectly cloudless sky and a bright sun that remained during all the event. Roy & Emily’s chose Sayulita as their paradise to get married, and they couldn’t be happier about their choice.

For the photography, I chose to limit the use of flashes and keep the most natural light as possible in my compositions. I also took the particular decision to leave the 85mm on the side and to fully enjoy my tilt-shift 45mm. For those who know that lens, it may sound crazy as this is a very difficult lens to master in motion scenes, but in the end, I feel like I made the right choice when looking back at my shots. It brought some depth of field to all my pictures.

Wedding Photography – Chic boho destination in Sayulita

The Westin Wedding at Costa Navarino

Life’s big moments are even better when shared and celebrated with those we love. This is particularly true of weddings; that’s why Keke and Christos wanted to make sure that on their big day they would be surrounded by all those who were dear and important to them. And they made it happen: guests flew from practically all over the world to be there and celebrate with them the beginning of their new life together.

Planning an overseas wedding is no easy thing, especially given the couple’s heavy work schedules and frequent business trips. It took a lot of time and effort, plus long Skype calls with Keke, to organize everything. But it was worth it. And the pictures are here to prove it!

If it is true that our friends define us, then Keke and Christos are very lucky indeed; for no distance could prevent their friends from coming to Greece to share the couple’s happiness and wish them a lifetime of love and joy. Costa Navarino, near Pylos, in southwest Peloponnese, was an excellent venue combining luxury, sophistication and a stunning natural landscape of rolling hills, endless golden beaches, and crystal clear azure waters. The carefree beach party at the sandy beach of Romanos was followed by a dinner party in Yalova with lots of music, dancing and mouth-watering dishes that culminated in a hilarious speech session. The atmosphere was jovial and relaxed during the bride and groom preparations at the Romanos Resort, and then the beautiful bride, wearing an exquisite Vera Wang wedding dress and Badgley Mischka shoes and accompanied by musicians and family, walked to the Monastery of Zoodochos Peghe, where the religious ceremony took place. The wedding reception at the Westin had it all: laughter and tears, fun and emotion, singing, dancing, and of course plenty of food and alcohol. Everything was perfect to the smallest detail: the Tiffany wedding rings, the elegant decoration, the classy invitations, the bombonieres (favors) and the fans (made by Keke herself!). The wedding shooting was concluded at the serene green setting of the golf course the following day.

It is always a delight to be in the company of such awesome people as Keke, Christos and their friends, who gave me the chance to share those amazing three days with them and, with their warmth, kindness and enthusiasm, made me feel I was one of them and showed me the meaning of genuine friendship.

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Same-Sex Photography – Wedding Proposal in Florence

It’s awesome when two guys from Florida engage you to be their same-sex photographer. I trust and support love, and I was very excited when John wrote me that he wanted to capture his wedding proposal to Rich, his partner in life!

Rich didn’t notice me till John, at the end of the proposal told him I was there for them! Wedding proposal are one of the most emotional moments I’ve ever photographed because of the wonder of one person receiving such a question!

And I feel lucky to be present and live and take eternal memories to this moment!

I am always thankful to my clients who let me dream with them!

Vintage Engagement in Florence

Today I want to show a very special engagement shooting in Florence.I often work in Tuscany, but this was my first time in Florence for an engagement photo shooting. Because we take these photos in late November, the sun goes away very very early, and it let us less than two hours to work.

I often work in Tuscany, but this was my first time in Florence for an engagement photo shooting. Because we take these photos in late November, the sun goes away very very early, and it let us less than two hours to work.

We choose to stay very close to the Uffizi museum and the Arno river in order to catch the last rays of sun in this part of Florence.Here you can see a selection of this engagement photo service, all in black and white.

Here you can see a selection of this engagement photo service, all in black and white.


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Boho Wedding Style Shoot in Santorini

If you are into romantic, dreamy weddings, youthful, fresh style, feminine, ethereal, free-flowing wedding dresses made from natural fabrics, floral patterns, headbands and flower wreaths, livened up with casual gypsy touches, in other words if you are fascinated by Boho style, you are looking at the right blog post!

The idea of a Boho style wedding theme shoot came up during a conversation with Maria about Kelly and Stan’s Elopement and the legendary natural beauty of Santorini was the ideal setting. The talented team of Tie the Knot in Santorini created a perfect wedding inspiration décor with their choice of color and flower combinations. The pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, the fabulous weather, the breathtaking landscape and Marianna’s radiant face and captivating beauty ensured the result we all wished for.

It was a most fulfilling and exciting experience, and I hope I can do this again in the future.

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas