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Traditional wedding in Greece

Most of the weddings that people see in Greece are in our islands by the sea and have a unique perspective. This is a typical wedding happening in Greece. The traditional way, so I can give you a view of how a wedding goes, and not only show you beautiful scenery of my country.

Elopement – Portraits – Photography at Santorini island – Greece


Santorini is well known for its bright light and the white and blue colors. The architecture is also unique.

Sanna and Henri have been married for ten years now, and they decided to have an escape to this unique Greek island to celebrate it.

Part of their celebration was a photography session that would capture their feelings, the landscape and the colors of the island, realistic and also metaphorical.

That is the reason they contacted me and their anniversary “portraits” photo session was set.

It seems that Sanna got inspired from the white and blue colors of Santorini and decided that their clothes styling should be matching the environment.

After sending the images, I received a beautiful email from the couple which I would like to share

“Oh my, Athanasios, I just love the pictures! Images are gorgeous, and you so capture the love and happiness we had and feel! We have talked about you a lot for we also had a great experience at the harbor and in Imerovigli with you. The pictures are all 5-star pictures all the way round: great quality, setting, light, feeling! Everybody has admired your talent…This is a life long memory, thank you.”

This is a small sample of the images captured on that day…..


An elegant summer Italian wedding in Varese – Italy

A summer wedding in Varese at the end of July, unbearable heat, and in the late afternoon a summer thunderstorm, nothing of this could ruin the feast of these two beautiful brides.

Stefania and Giuseppe met them a few months ago at their house to talk about their marriage, a couple who immediately liked me and with whom I had a great feeling, I described them my work and style, a photographic documentation of the day in his sincerity, a story to ambient light, charge of shades and atmospheres.

The day started at Giuseppe’s home, in his beautiful, elegant dress, and then went to the wonderful town hall of Varese to wait for the arrival of his future wife.

At home the bride was a bit of tension, normal as usual, no smiles and glances with her excited mother and her father’s impatient and agitated wait for having to accompany her daughter on such an important day.

The arrival in the frame of Estense Palace, home of the town of Varese was the place chosen by the couple for the celebration of the civil ceremony, here the emotions, smiles, and tears featured the moment, a truly felt ceremony, live music with a violin accompanied the bride’s entry and the release of the couple who appeared to relatives and friends officially by husband and wife.

The place chosen for the celebration was the beautiful restaurant Tana D’Orso Mustonate, a beautiful village a few steps away from the city, where the couple was able to entertain guests, relax and enjoy their day, as well as dance in the rain.

Photography: Gianluca Sgarriglia


Engagement Photography session at Santorini and Mykonos islands – Greece

Santorini and Mykonos are the two most well known Greek islands, and they both belong to the Cyclades islands complex, with the characteristic blue churches and chapels with the blue domes, the narrow alleys, the white houses with the blue doors and windows.

These elements are surrounded by the blue sky and sea and during summer at high temperatures.

Jacqueline and Dave come from Canada and USA, they will get married next year on a very special and lucky date, according to the Chinese calendar….08. 08 2018

We had a photo session at Mykonos first and of course the trademark of the island, the windmills was within the locations we had to visit.

We were lucky enough to meet “Peter” the Pelican, the living symbol of the island, while we were strolling at the narrow alleys looking for the best spots to have their portraits captured.

After two days we met at Santorini, and we visited several places and spots at this equally amazing island.

Landscape and breathtaking views have to be taken into consideration on this island as well as the beautiful architecture.

This is a sample of the two sessions we had at Santorini and Mykonos or to be exact Mykonos and Santorini.

Wedding at the Sofitel in Fiji Denarau

This wedding is a mix of a tropical and boho vibe. Right by the beach, the happy couple said yes in front of many of their friends and family who flew all the way to Fiji to celebrate their union. The Sofitel Denarau (in Nadi, Fiji) was a perfect venue. The children could run around while the adult enjoyed the cocktail on a lovely warm tropical weather.