An elegant summer Italian wedding in Varese – Italy

A summer wedding in Varese at the end of July, unbearable heat, and in the late afternoon a summer thunderstorm, nothing of this could ruin the feast of these two beautiful brides.

Stefania and Giuseppe met them a few months ago at their house to talk about their marriage, a couple who immediately liked me and with whom I had a great feeling, I described them my work and style, a photographic documentation of the day in his sincerity, a story to ambient light, charge of shades and atmospheres.

The day started at Giuseppe’s home, in his beautiful, elegant dress, and then went to the wonderful town hall of Varese to wait for the arrival of his future wife.

At home the bride was a bit of tension, normal as usual, no smiles and glances with her excited mother and her father’s impatient and agitated wait for having to accompany her daughter on such an important day.

The arrival in the frame of Estense Palace, home of the town of Varese was the place chosen by the couple for the celebration of the civil ceremony, here the emotions, smiles, and tears featured the moment, a truly felt ceremony, live music with a violin accompanied the bride’s entry and the release of the couple who appeared to relatives and friends officially by husband and wife.

The place chosen for the celebration was the beautiful restaurant Tana D’Orso Mustonate, a beautiful village a few steps away from the city, where the couple was able to entertain guests, relax and enjoy their day, as well as dance in the rain.

Photography: Gianluca Sgarriglia


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