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Wedding in Chalkidiki – Greece

I have often wondered about the key to a perfect wedding. If there is a secret formula, some lucky couples seem to have it. And Sophia and Costas are definitely one of them. Because their wedding was absolutely splendid; and they managed to turn even an unfortunate weather change into a chance to add some more magic to an already fabulous experience.

Sophia and Costas live in Zurich, but their dream was to get married in Chalkidiki, Greece. The scenic beauty of a landscape that combines crystal blue seas and green mountains was the ideal natural background for some of the most amazing pictures I have taken as a wedding photographer so far. Naturally, the carefree atmosphere, the positive aura and the relaxed, unhurried attitude of this lovely couple helped a lot. Never before have I met such calm and easygoing people who never seem to lose their smile. How do they do it? It is still a mystery to me!

The warm sunny weather, the good mood of everybody present (which was contagious of course) and the impeccably planned wedding ceremony, enriched with music, dancing and tradition, ensured some more awesome shots.

The wedding party with the live Balkan music was terrific. The cheerful sounds of the trumpets and the clarinet filled the air and everybody danced and had a great time. Everything seemed to be perfect… and then, all of a sudden, it started to rain. Well, this could have ruined the party and the mood of any other newlyweds. But Sophia and Costas have a natural talent for happiness. So, they simply looked at each other, smiled, and… started dancing in the rain! It was a sight to remember –a living picture of love, joy, optimism and positivity! Take a look at the photos and you will see what I mean.

Sophia & Costas, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I wish you all the happiness in the world… and I know your marriage will be very, very happy. After all, rain on the wedding day is considered to be a sign of good luck, isn’t it?

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Wedding in Alemagou, Mykonos – Greece

There were many reasons why I had been really looking forward to Alexis and Costas’ wedding. First of all, they are one of the loveliest couples I have met in the course of my work: they are sweet, generous and simple and they literally radiate kindness and love. Second, they had invested so much time and effort in preparing the wedding of their dreams that there was no way anything could go wrong. (You know, “when you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”…)

And third, the place they had chosen to celebrate the beginning of their new life together was the island of my heart, Mykonos. I’ve said it many times, but I can’t help saying it again: Mykonos, with its clear azure waters, its traditional white-washed little houses and windmills, and its unique crazy party atmosphere, is one of the best travel destinations worldwide and one of my favourite wedding destinations in Greece.

The happy couple travelled all the way from New York and their guests came from the four corners of the world. Everybody was determined to have a fabulous time; and we all did! It all started with a fantastic beach party in Platis Gialos, which was followed by the pre-wedding party at Belvedere Hotel and the epilogue was written with the wedding party at Alemagou.

The wedding day started ideally with a pool party. The groom had chosen a beautiful private villa in the area of Kanalia for his preparation –and his friends made sure it was as pleasant as possible– while the ritual of the bride’s preparation took place at the impressive Mykonos Grand Hotel. There were smiling faces all around and the atmosphere was charged with excitement and emotion.

The wedding ceremony took place in a charming little Cycladic chapel, Agios Sostis, where Alexis and Costas joined their lives together, surrounded by loving friends and relatives. The day culminated in the wedding reception at Alemagou with lots of fun, music and dancing. The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Alexis & Costas, thank you for letting me share your big day with you. I wish you a life like a fairytale. And these photos will always remind you of the day when your “happily ever after” started…

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Wedding on Tuscan Hills, Italy

Robert and Alex got married in the charming village of Catignano nestled in the hills of Siena. They travelled from Australia to Tuscany to realize their desire to share their special moments with their guests in that wonderful frame of Siena.

A fantastic Italian garden was the setting for their wedding reportage. The party ended with a romantic launch of flying lanterns in the sky.