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Wedding in Costa Navarino – Greece


Every wedding, as a celebration of love that symbolizes a glorious new beginning, deserves to have a touch of fairytale. An enchanting venue, a dream wedding-gown, an atmosphere of magic… Not everybody opts for a destination wedding, but those who do, like Jennifer and Bryan, are ready to put in all the time and effort needed to create a one-in-a-lifetime experience both for themselves and for their guests. For if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well! The choice of the wedding venue couldn’t have been better: Costa Navarino, a superb luxury resort nested in a stunning landscape of lavender fields, olive and citrus groves and two signature golf courses next to the Ionian Sea coastline, was the ideal setting for a perfectly organized wedding.

The three-day celebrations started at the restaurant Flame at the Dunes Course clubhouse, in the extensive area of the hotel’s golf club. We all met there for a welcome drink and a friendly chat at the pre-wedding party, which began with live jazz music. A little later the music choices of the DJs set the place on fire, and the party took off like a rocket!

On the wedding day, the traditional preparations of the groom and the bride took place in the suites of Westin, where the atmosphere was relaxed and full of happy anticipation. The beautiful ceremony was held in the Church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Pylos, and the lovely sunshine matched the mood of everybody present. The bride looked like a nymph in her ethereal wedding dress, and the groom couldn’t have looked happier.

The reception was held in Pero, at the Romanos, a wonderful restaurant that enjoys unobstructed views of the scenic landscape and the emerald Ionian Sea. In this classy, stylish setting, with fabulous jazz music filling the air, the guests enjoyed the best quality food the local cuisine had to offer. And everybody was moved by the speeches of the two fathers and the newlyweds themselves. Then photos were shot both in the hotel premises and in the broader golf area.

When the wedding dinner was over, the party kept rocking at the Anax Lounge, with rousing music and a wedding photo booth, to culminate with Greek songs played by a bouzouki band and the famous tradition of breaking plates and carnation blossom showers. It was a great party, but not the last one! The beach party at Barbouni Bar by the sea, with more music and dancing, delicious snacks and games on the sand, was equally unbelievable.

The sweet couple deserved nothing less than a perfect wedding. May all of their days together be as sunny and happy as their wedding day!

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Mykonos Barefoot Elopement

What is it that makes elopements so irresistibly fascinating? Maybe it is the fact that a couple is so deeply in love that they decide to avoid the stress and endless preparations of a traditional wedding and opt for an unconventional one that allows them to concentrate on each other and nobody else. That’s reason enough for me to applaud such choices.

Bilal & Cydney chose to elope. And their barefoot elopement in stunningly beautiful Mykonos, the island of my heart, was the ideal way to pledge their love to each other and start their life together. Needless to say, such romantic stories are the most inspirational theme a wedding photographer can hope for! That’s why I was really looking forward to this photoshoot –my second one in the “island of the winds” this year.

Bilal & η Cydney, one of the loveliest couples I have ever met, came all the way from New York to Mykonos to get married in a very moving and intimate ceremony on a tranquil solitary beach, under the bright Greek sun, against the spectacular backdrop of the azure Aegean Sea. The single table, set for two, that was waiting for them by the sea had been elegantly and imaginatively decorated by Vana Efkleidou from White Ribbon. The original element of the symbolical footbath and later the leisurely photoshoot before the trademark Mykonos windmills and in the tiny quarter of Little Venice completed ideally one of the most relaxed and charming weddings I have ever witnessed. Actually, the key words here are “leisurely” and “relaxed”, for in elopements the photographer focuses exclusively on the happy couple and there is plenty of time for planning the best possible pictures, and also for lots of fun and pleasant interaction with the newlyweds.

Bilal & Cydney, I am sure that your barefoot elopement was only the beginning of the wonderful adventure of your life together. May your life be always full of such wonderful sunny days!

Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Elopement in Santorini

As an incurably romantic I am filled with awe, respect and wonder every time I witness a true love story. This was the case with Kelly and Stan, who travelled all the way from the USA to come to Greece and get married in a place of breathtaking natural beauty wrapped in the mystery of captivating ancient myths, the volcanic island of Santorini. But this was no ordinary wedding. No! It was an elopement. There is something so sweet and idyllic about elopements and, as I had already shot Cydney and Bilal’s barefoot elopement in Mykonos, I knew exactly what to expect and felt absolutely thrilled!

An elopement is the most intimate and romantic way for two people in love to pledge their vows and start their common life together. There are no families present, no guests, no crazy noisy parties, no boisterous group events, no distractions. And the lucky photographer can focus exclusively on the happy couple, which turns the photoshoot into a relaxed and deeply satisfying experience.

The bride’s preparation took place in Dana Villas, a fantastic hotel perched on the cliff of Firostefani, the highest point in Fira, Santorini, with spectacular views of the caldera and the azure infinity of the Aegean. It was a very touching moment when Kelly read a letter written by her mum shortly before the elopement; and Stan was equally moved when he got a gift and a letter from his bride-to-be.

The bride was dazzling in her wonderful lace wedding dress and her blue bridal shoes –yes, they were blue, a pleasant surprise for the bridegroom, who had actually expressed the wish to see Kelly wear blue shoes on their wedding day. Now his wish was granted! Kelly’s bouquet was a dream floral composition of snow-white violets and roses, anemones and tulips.

Maria Sila from Tie the Knot in Santorini-Weddings & Events made sure everything was perfectly planned, from the amazing white and blue flower decoration to the very original wedding cake with miniature representations of the newlyweds with their dogs, Briar and Gus.

The wedding was marked by an additional special ceremony called “unity in glass”, in which the couple combine colored crystals that will later make up a little work of art from blown glass as a symbol of the timelessness of their love. Isn’t that awesome?

But there was more. After driving to the Faros (lighthouse) in a cute antique Cabrio Beetle to shoot pictures, we ended up in Santo Wines to taste Vinsanto, the naturally sweet “lava wine” of Santorini. The wine museum chosen by Kelly and Stan for the engagement was ideal for more shooting. And lastly, we went to Oia, where the stunningly beautiful views provided all the colours and light needed for the perfect photographic epilogue to an unforgettable elopement on a magic island…



Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Wedding in Paros, Greece

Rarely have I met a couple as kind and warm-hearted as Giorgos and Elefhteria. From the very first moment I had the feeling I had known them all my life. A really beautiful couple –inside and out!

When I met them on the island of Paros, the jewel of the Aegean, to discuss the details of their wedding plans with them, I was impressed by their genuinely relaxed, friendly manner. “Above all, let’s have a good time!” they told me. And that’s exactly what we did. All of us!

The good thing about couples with such a cool, easy-going attitude is that they help you decompress and de-stress, so you can give your 100% to achieve an ideal result.  This is one of the things that remind me how lucky I am to have a job that gives me the chance not only to do what I love but also to meet such great people.

Blue skies and calm seas greeted us on the wedding day –a day full of sunshine and the freshness of the Cycladic wind. The ceremony was beautiful in its simplicity and the wedding party rocked till dawn.

Giorgos and Eleftheria, I can’t thank you enough for these wonderful three days. I wish you a life as sunny and happy as your wedding day!


Photography by Thanasis Kaiafas

Santorini Japanese Wedding

I have always had a thing for Japanese culture. Everything about Japan attracts and fascinates me: the harmony and simplicity of its art and aesthetics, the wisdom and profoundness of its philosophy, the poetic photography of its films, the delicate musicality of its language, and the natural kindness of its people. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Misa and Kai, whose wedding I was to shoot in Santorini, actually had Japanese roots! The choice of Santorini did not come as a surprise to me, as I was well aware of the popularity of this magnificent volcanic island as a wedding destination – especially among couples from the Far East.

It is always a delight to work with such lovely and sweet-tempered couples; they bring out the best in me and make me wish to do my very best to ensure their wedding photos will make them smile every time they look at them.

Santorini Gem, on the hill near Santo Wines, gazing over the spectacular gulf of the caldera and the endless Aegean blue, was an ideal venue for Misa and Kai’s wedding ceremony. The peaceful, idyllic environment, bathed in the magical Greek light, provided the perfect backdrop for the celebration of their love.
Misa and Kai, I really want to thank you for honouring me with your trust and for allowing me to be part of the incredible experience of your wedding in Santorini!