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GrandView Estates – New England Wedding Venue

I absolutely LOVE being a New England Wedding Photographer!  For starters,  we get to enjoy the beauty that all four seasons provide.   While, admittedly so, I’m more of a summer girl- I do admit that each season has its own beautiful characteristics.    And here I have a fall wedding that I photographed at the GrandView Estates in Jaffrey NH.

The GrandView Estates is a premier New England Wedding Venue, where I get to photograph frequently.   It offers a wonderfully quaint onsite Bed & Breakfast, along with a pavilion for weddings to happen even during poor weather.   Additionally it has the most breathtaking view of Mt.  Monadnock.  (Which just so happens to be the world’s 2nd most climbed mountain.   Mt. Fuji is the first!) 

Fall Weddings in NH are beautiful for so many reasons.   As you may know,  New England is known for its colorful foliage.  And the weather tends to be pretty mild as well- making it the perfect time of year to have a wedding.   This couple though didn’t have the traditional fall colors.  They infused nice, light and airy pastels into their theme which balanced perfectly with the otherwise known ‘burnt-like’ colors of autumn.

This wedding was purely DIY.  They did everything themselves.  (Aside from the cooking! ha)   All the decor, even the flowers were all done by the loved ones of the couple.   The Arbor, the signage and the tablescapes were all hand-crafted by the couple.    So I encourage you to take a peek!   Be sure to check out the full blog post:  Marielle + Tim’s Fall Wedding At the Grandview Estates.

I may be a New England Wedding Photographer,  but I do travel all over to photograph weddings.    Please be sure to get in touch if you are interested in having beautiful Light and Airy photographs telling your story!!

K. Lenox photography- New England Wedding Photographer
K. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding Photographer
K. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding PhotographerK. Lenox photography- New England Wedding Photographer
K. Lenox photography- New England Wedding Photographer

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Intimate wedding at Tropica Island Resort, Fiji

Julia and John came all the way from Sweden to get married on the tropical island of Malolo in Fiji. Tropica was the perfect exotic resort for their elopement. It all happened after a morning storm: the sunshine came out and they tied the knot.

And contact me for your wedding project.

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Taormina, Sicily’s Best Destination Wedding

The beautiful country, as our beautiful Italy, is also called and Taormina best destination wedding in Sicily told with the shots of the Italian photographer Nino Lombardo. This beautiful wedding in Taormina was coordinated by the wedding planner Karen of Forever Sicily.

Paradise corner, Taormina’s best destination wedding

On a beautiful spring day, this gorgeous wedding was celebrated on an outdoor terrace, the magnificent view over the Gulf of Taormina, the sea and the blue sky, were a perfect setting for the photographs of the destination wedding in Taormina. The getting ready for the bride and groom was in beautiful Villa Krater in Taormina. Also in the same villa, they celebrated their wedding and celebrated with friends and relatives by organizing both the ceremony and a romantic wedding lunch there. The photoshoot in Taormina’s best destination weddings in Sicily covered all the moments of the day, including a walk in the nearby Public Garden of  Taormina. The photographer Nino Lombardo has created a wedding reportage for the newlyweds with all the best memories for this destination wedding in Sicily.
If you get married in Sicily, you want spontaneous photos to contact the photographer in Taormina. Will your wedding be in Sicily? Which photographer to choose? For a professional expert in candid photo shoots for the best weddings, contact Nino Lombardo.

Ceremony Villa Krater Taormina Best Wedding Photographer
Taormina Getting Ready Photography to the brideTaormina Wedding Photoshoot by Nino lombardoVilla Krater Taormina Best Wedding Photographer in SicilyLandscape Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerWedding Dress Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerDetails brideVilla Krater Ceremony Venue Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerShoot for the groom Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerGroom Getting Ready Taormina Best Wedding Photographer
Sicily Photoshoot Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerTaormina Best Wedding Photographer in Sicily The Bride is hereBest time in Sicily Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerGet married in Italy Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerEmotional kiss Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerFunny time Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerWonderful bride in Sicily Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerOspitality in Sicily Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerThe Garden for beautiful shoots Taormina Best Wedding Photographer
Pretty moment in Public Garden Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerTaormina Landscape Best Wedding PhotographerPhotoshoot in Garden of Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerGet married in Italy Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerPicture by Nino Lombardo TOP Sicily Photographer Taormina Best Wedding ShootPicture of the Reception for Marriage in Villa KraterFunny and romantic time in Villa Krater Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerMarried in Sicily Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerTaormina Best Photographer Picture of the Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake at the Villa Krater Taormina Best Wedding PhotographerMarried in Italy sicilian cake Taormina Best Destination Wedding PhotographerSicily Destination Wedding in Taormina Best Photographer to best event

A guarantee of having an expert photographer, a photographer in Sicily, who will face any situation with confidence and professionalism. Many photographs of Nino have been awarded and have been awarded the TOP 100 global title of how wedding photojournalists. View Photoshoot Savoca Wedding published on Best of Wedding Photography blog.

Pre-Wedding in Florence

Florence, it maintains a magical and special charm, which makes it a perfect city for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Small streets and beautiful architectures, churches,  places of interest can be the ideal background for your pre-wedding in Tuscany, in Florence. 

Florence main city of Tuscany is one of the first in Italy, is located at the roots of Mount Apennino, from which it is covered by the northern and eastern part, where you can see many hills, above which are founded of beautiful palaces and very noble villas that the very delightful district suggests: towards the west it extends into a very wide plain. It is divided into two parts by the Arno river above which there are four large stone bridges to pass here and there. In the city there are buildings and sacred and profane of admirable structure and incredible expense. (Andrea Minucci)

Pre-wedding photos are a lovely idea to get more photos to add to your wedding memories. You can also think of using pre-wedding photos in your wedding invitation or as a slideshow at your wedding reception. If the background of your pre-wedding will be the city of Florence, you will be sure of amazing photographs!!!

DIY Wedding in Santorini Island, Greece

image captured by Athanasios
image captured by Athanasios www.happybridegroom.comimage captured by Athanasios www.happybridegroom.comimage captured by Athanasios
newly happy married couple exchanging vows in Santorini islandnewly happy married coupleimage captured by Athanasios www.happybridegroom.comportrait of a bridewedding ringsnewly happy married couplenewly happy married couple

Photographer: Athanasios,

As the title states, this is a Do It Yourself wedding in Santorini.

Kate and Aaron were looking for a wedding photographer serving Santorini island.

It was essential for them to have a photographer that knows the place well as they were organizing everything themselves. That was a “so-called” DIY wedding.

They picked me…..since I am posting their wedding portraits photographs!

How they met

Kate told me their story…

“About ten years ago, we met at the local restaurant I used to work at; we were a young age of 15. From there, Aaron came in each week for about a month until he built up the courage to ask for my number, and the rest is history.

Their trip to Greece – Europe

We decided to elope in Greece as we were already planning our first Europe trip and thought, why not get married there. The more we thought about planning a wedding, it just wasn’t quite for us. So here we are, exchanging our vows with one of the most picturesque backdrops in the world and couldn’t be happier.”

Aesthetics and style

Kate and Aaron is a lovely young couple of high quality and stylish aesthetics!

They come from Australia, and they are still in Greece at the moment having a wonderful time at Milos island.

Their decision to do a DIY Santorini wedding proved to be a stylish choice!

Island hopping 

kate and Aaron, I wish you an amazing time at your staying in Greece. More photographs from your wedding and the Santorini wedding portraits photo tour will be uploaded on a later stage.

Your wedding photographer….. Athanasios


DIY Santorini wedding…Photographer and Videographer at the same time. Kate and Aaron informed me that although they give priority to photography, they would also appreciate some simple videography footage. Something within a small budget. We agreed that I would be able to shoot some footage after completing the photographic session at each area we were visiting. I was pleased with the results that you can see a bit further down.

Here is the link to their movie (videography)

When needs are simple, and footage is needed only for the creation of a short movie (similar to this occasion), I can act both as a wedding photographer and as a wedding videographer as well.

Attire plus more

Dress: Tigerlily
Shoes: Stradivarius
Jewelry: Colette
Suit: yd
Shoes: Olympus
Accessories: hat-fallen broken street
Flowers- forget me not