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Shan and Pete, Kiama, South East Coast, Australia – 10.10.10

I’m going to keep this brief in fear of going too overboard with long winded descriptions gushing with stories of this wedding being the; funnest, coolest, warmest, freshest, most honest, most beautiful wedding, I’ve been fortunate enough to document. Replace ‘wedding’ with ‘bride and groom’ and you get the short version of the big picture.

Shannon and Pete got married at a place called Bush Bank in Kiama, which is on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia. They got married on the 10th October, 10-10-10, and for everyone involved their wedding was nothing less than a 10 out 10.

I really hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Dean Dampney AAIPP, CloudFace Photography

Engagement Photos in Alberta, Canada – Buffy Goodman Photography

I recently did a very fun photo session with one of my couples in rural Alberta! Here are some favorites of Sheldon and Laural.

In Sheldon’s mother’s barn – such cool light!

This old pub was wonderful! Totally old school, down to the sawdust on the floor! I really loved it in there!

Our wonderful bartender!

Some neat details! Those are some cheap beer prices!

Alice + Bertrand, a French wedding

A wedding in the summer with clouds, with a (nearly) new saying: “Cloudy Wedding makes photographer happy.” A country church in Ferrières in Gatinais, a priest who preaches the joy, happiness and engagement with such enthusiasm that he applauded, this is the kind of memory which brand and which one is ready to come by far. Then the clouds to go for a stroll in the countryside and take some pictures in the middle of the field and is already party to the Cercanceaux Abbey after a day that passes too quickly.

A really superb decor, lighting and a beautiful atmosphere … I say nothing you have to watch the slideshow. As I usually impossible to select only some photos and I prefer to immerse yourself in the mood

… then remember: :”Love is sweet

By french photographer Jacques Mateos from Magic Flight Studio.

Mariateresa+Paolo Wedding in Italy

Mariateresa and Paul were married in September 2010 Torremaggiore in Apulia.
A married couple really nice, here are some photos of the day of their marriage.

Australian South Coast New South Wales Wedding

It must be almost a year since I was made a founding member of this group. To be included is the highlight of my Wedding Photography career.

Do you think I’ve made one blog entry in this time? Nope. I’ve been too busy shooting, and surfing, and spending time with my family.

So here down under, we’ve got a new wedding photography season beginning (not too many people get married in the winter months down south here), and with that comes a personal obligation to get some shots up on this precious space.

This is Hollee and Charles. They got married at Terrara House on the NSW South Coast in Australia here. I’ll otherwise let the shots tell the story.The date – August 15, 2010.

Enjoy – Dean Dampney,