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East Sicily Wedding / Dario Jessica

Caltagirone is a beautiful, small town in the east Sicily. It is famous worldwide for being one of the loveliest towns of ceramics, because It kept all its pure baroque beauty, with many colorful houses.

The “city of ceramics” picked by Dario and Jessica, a lovely couple, as the perfect location for Their wedding

After the getting ready, the guests and the groom Reached by feet the Church of St. Anne

When Jessica arrived to the Church, the ceremony Began – it was a peculiar ceremony. When the shooting was done, the couple and the guests could enjoy an Italian dinner in one of the beautiful frescoed halls of the Villa , with dances and fun between one course and the other!

They had a great fun at the wedding, and we had a great fun with them, too: congratulations to These lovely people!

Attracting & Converting More Brides & Grooms

On nearly a daily basis I receive emails from wedding photographers asking for help on attracting and converting visits to leads.

So that’s why I decided to sit down and create a product that would help.  The Wedding Photographers Conversion Kit is just that.  The kit includes a variety of PSD templates which photographers can fill in with their photographs and vendor information.

The kit is then combined with an automated email delivery and search engine optimized landing page to attract and deliver the customized magazine to potential customers.


Here is what’s included:

  • 18 PSD files for Adobe Photoshop (PSD files are 8.5″ x 17″ and can be cut down to 8.5″ x 11″ individual pages.
  • Video tutorial on turning the templates into a magazine or individual pages.
  • Sample HTML landing page optimized for search engines.
  • Tutorial on customizing the landing page for your wedding business.
  • Video tutorial on how to set up a Mailchimp automated email with your new PDF.
  • Text content example for inspiration.

As you can see, a lot went into creating a package that wedding photographers can utilize.  So I encourage each photographer to pick up a copy and give it a shot.

Before I finish this up, I want to mention that creating a free download for website visitors is a proven method of converting visits to leads.  So offering content optimized specifically for your target market is the best thing you can do for your website, after your portfolio is optimized of course.  Check out the Wedding Photography Conversion Kit today.

Listen to an interview with Nigel at Zenologue about the kit as well.

Wedding in Croatia

This is lovely and charming couple we met after a short email correspondence. Their desire was to make with us a few photos in the very center of Zagreb and the surrounding streets. During two hours of filming, we managed to get to know each other, talk about everything, have a drink and laugh until we cried.

Their wedding was after shooting with us. We are very sorry for not attending it, but everyone knows what they say – first come, first served.

Later we found out that the party was great and they were after the show visited by Tomislav Bralić and klapa – to surprise of everyone, including the bride and groom . The idea originally came from Višnja and Zdravko Pevec. The only thing that we can say to them is congratulations! Do not forget that information – the wedding was held in Bjelovar.

Now back to the photos, along with video, the only thing that remains after all the ceremonies, organization, bustle and other sweet wedded torment. Of course, there is always love, because of love all of that happened.

Best of Wedding Photography Members Speaking at 2013 WPPI

We are happy to share that a group of Best of Wedding Photography members are speaking at the upcoming WPPI.

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) is holding their annual conference in Las Vegas from March 7-14.

If you are attending WPPI, we highly recommend attending these presentations to learn and support your fellow BOWP members.


Here are some presentation summaries from some of our BOWP speakers:

Nik Pekridis

Be Yourself, Create Your Own Style – Sunday, March 10th, 3-5 pm

“Through my 2 hour keynote I will go back to the “old days” of film and start to explain about the total wedding experience which we should treat our clients. Also a way to understand everyone what kind of images can get and with simple words to discover his or her personality. So it’s about motivation and inspiration.” – View Nik’s profile page

Melissa Jill

Efficient and Profitable Album Sales – Tuesday, March 12th – 6:30-8pm

“Are you frustrated and bogged down by your album production & sales process? Do you wonder if it’s even worth it to sell albums because of how much work they are in comparison to the margin of profit they provide? Are you wanting to start offering albums but are completely overwhelmed with the options? Melissa Jill has worked hard to systematize her album workflow and will be sharing from her 9 years of experience on all things albums. From pre-designing, to up-selling, to client communication and wading through all the options, you will walk away with a step-by-step process that will maximize your efficiency and profit.” – View Melissa’s profile page

Jasmine Star

Dear Me, Please Stop Making the Same Mistakes. Love, The Future Me – Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 4pm

“Jasmine Star is an international wedding photographer located in sunny, southern California. Sure, seven years into her business she’s been garnered awards for her work and travels the world to document love, but starting her business was hard work. It was made especially hard because Jasmine made the same mistakes…again and again. It was until she stopped running a warp speed and took the time to understand how to strengthen weak points in her business that she flourished as an entrepreneur and photographer. Join Jasmine at WPPI as she talks openly about her mistakes so you can avoid them and shorten your business learning curve.” – View Jasmine’s profile page

Ben Chrisman

Starting Small, Going Big – Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013, 3-4:30pm

“We all begin at the same level, just wanting to express with a camera how we see the world. But what we all aspire to do, and yet what is so elusive, is how to repeatedly get to the next level of our craft creatively. It takes more than just a desire. It takes education. It takes time. It takes a fundamental mindset on how to approach people and deal with situa- tions that we can’t control. But these are the things that make being a photographer such a challenging and exciting life. There are certain basic methods that we can all rely on to lead us to the next image. And learn- ing how to use those, even when they might not seem obvious, is what can consistently elevate our photography. We will share how we start small at each wedding, but always with the goal of ending very big by giving our clients the photos they have always wanted, and photos they never even thought possible.” – View Ben’s profile page

Other BOWP speakers include: