Positano Wedding

When you are a destination wedding photographer you have the opportunity to travel to mesmerizing places. Being such for over twenty years now, I don’t simply love it, but am rather devoted to it. Recently I had the chance to revisit its a coastal village Positano on the Amalfi Coast Italy. I’ve always loved the area.

Both Tom and Signe have interesting background stories. He is a professional football player, playing for a team in Norway, while Signe she is a top model, recently featured for the underwear campaign of 50 Shades of Gray.

The reason I am so fond of Positano and the wedding I had the opportunity to partake the photographs speak for themselves. The passionate love of the couple, who both happened to be very good looking !  the beauty of Positano in the background and the spirit of the wedding itself were mesmerizing. The sole reason I am so passionate about being a destination wedding photographer is to reflect just that – the emotions, the people, the love, the passion and the beauty of the surrounding environment.

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