Wedding Dream Photography in Sicily

Two beautiful spouses, who are close to our heart, because they are also part of our study. The saying is true that sooner or later it’s up to everyone.

One sunny day, one morning a beautiful woman wakes up and dreams of getting married. This is how the journey of Annalisa and Luca begins, in the daily life of their day. In the love given by the little things. Awakening, shaving, breakfast, hair make-up. All like a dream. Then the bridegroom Luca goes away, accompanied by a kiss and the bride remains alone to write the promises of love and get ready.

The day continues, and they see each other again as if it were the first time. They are ready to swear the love. The wind among the branches, the chirping of the bird’s witnesses of their passion. Immutable. Faithful. In time. A few portraits for this couple so special to the rhythm of their hearts, in the enchantment of nature. A toast while looking in the eyes. Some joking pictures.

“She looked at her, but with a look for which the word look is too strong, a marvelous look that is seeing without wondering about anything, seeing and no more.”

“Something like two things that touch each other—the eyes and the image — a look that does not take but receives, in the absolute silence of the mind, the only look that could really save us — innocent of any question, still not tainted by the vice of wanting to know — the only innocence that could prevent the hurt caused by external things when they enter the sphere of our sensibilities — to see — to feel — because it would be no more than a marvelous vis-a-vis, us and things, whereby our eyes receive the whole world — to receive — without questions, even without wonder — to receive — only — to receive — in our eyes — the whole world.” – Alessandro Baricco – Ocean Sea

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