Switzerland Alps Pre Wedding portraits

Idea for your Wedding invitation. Combine your ” favorites” in your life.

Jan`s First love was his hot red Ducati !

Then one day he met Karin, the woman of his life.

It was clear that he was going to marry Karin, however, his Ducati was not invited to their wedding celebration.

He would be expected to wear a traditional suit instead of his comfortable leather jacket.

And for Karin, she is not the type lady to sprawl on his bike as we often see models do. She does not need to compete with his machine.

Somehow though, they wished to combine these ” two loves”  .  The solution was to make an one hour photo session to create  ” one ” photo for their wedding invitations.


As we live next to a former military runway in Interlaken this would be the location.

Just so happens on that day the weather was beautiful and living a the base of the Jungfrau glacier capped mountains, it was clear to snap a few with the mountains too in the ” wedding dress” .

The wedding day took place later in the year:  a traditional church followed by aperitif and a quiet dinner with their family.

Interlaken Switzerland Wedding

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