Sarasota Beach Wedding to Remember

Sarasota, FL beaches are famous for their sparkling white sand, stunning sunsets, and tropical backdrops that have made them top destination wedding locales over the past several years. Each year, wedding couples come to Sarasota to say their vows and begin their lives together, such as Ana and Ivan Bustamante. The happy couple was married at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota and celebrated the start of their lives together with family in friends in attendance at a unique beach wedding that everyone in attendance is sure to remember for years to come.

Capturing Anticipation

While it’s important to capture iconic moments during the wedding—the walk down the aisle, the exchanging of the rings, and that all-important first kiss, other moments that take place before the wedding are just as special. PixelArt Photography, the Sarasota photography company that Ana and Ivan chose, captured some of these moments, which spoke of all the excitement, anticipation, and reflection that the bride feels before she exchanges vows with her new husband.

AIB-012 bride waiting wedding flowers

However, not all of the moments were reflective and quiet. Ana also shared some whimsical moments with them as well, revealing that parts of her wedding ensemble were as unique as the wedding that was about to take place! Capturing these moments not only helped Ana feel more comfortable with her photographer but also capture the air of anticipation and pageantry that can only come with a destination wedding.

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Setting the Scene

Once the photographers captured all the pre-wedding moments that would become a timeless part of Ana and Ivan’s wedding photo album, it was time for the happy bride and groom to head down to the water, where the sparkling white sand and the blue waters of the gulf of Mexico provided the couple and their guests with a breathtaking backdrop. Rustic brown wooden chairs faced a white fabric arch that was adorned with tropical plants, and the path the bride and groom would walk was lined with colorful potted flowers.

AIB-113  Sarasota beach wedding ceremony AIB-289

As the guests began to arrive, they were treated to the sights and sounds of the beach as palm trees swayed in the near distance and offered shade to the Ritz Carlton and to the beach below. Soon, the bridal party began to make their way down the aisle, and flower girls scattered flower petals, leaving the fragrant blossoms in their wake in honor of the bride. Once Ana made her appearance and met her groom at the archway, the couple prepared to say the vows that would make them man and wife.

Unity Sand and Salt Sea Air        

The backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico’s shimmering blue water was the perfect setting for Ana and Ivan to take their vows. Their vows included a unity sand ceremony, where the couple combined large vials of sand into one container to symbolize their coming together as man and wife. The reverend who presided over the ceremony also draped the couple with a single strand of crystal beads with help of a few members of the bridal party, which served as another symbol of their new and everlasting bond.

Once the ceremony was complete, Ana and Ivan parted briefly as everyone prepared for some wedding photos. After several moments, Ana descended the Ritz Carlton grand staircase to meet back up with her groom, who waited for her below.  The couple spent a few moments alone while Ivan admired his bride and then they joined the rest of the wedding party, friends, and family for a number of photos that would later become a part of the couple’s wedding album.

sarasota beach wedding Sarasota beach wedding couple groom

Strolling at Sunset

After Ivan and Ana posed for photos with their guests, they once again stole a few moments alone as the Sarasota sun began to set. The couple strolled along the sand, hand in hand, as Ana shaded her head and bare shoulders with a delicate blue parasol. Once the sun went down, the couple rejoined their guests in the hotel courtyard, where they were greeted outside their reception with bright and festive sparklers before everyone headed inside to enjoy the rest of the evening.

beach wedding stroll

The First Dance

Soon after the reception started, Ivan and Ana shared their first dance as husband and wife as their happy guests looked on. Candles and lace tablecloths adorned the reception tables, which quickly filled up with Ana’s and Ivan’s guests as they danced.

bride Sarasota Ritz Carlton wedding AIB-795

Multicolored lights lit up the dance floor and ceiling as the tropical Sarasota air drifted in from outside, giving the atmosphere a whimsical and fairy-tale element that Ana and Ivan are sure to never forget and relive every moment every time they open their wedding album from PixelArt Photography.

sunset kiss wedding AIB-740

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