A Mystique wedding anniversary at Santorini island

An intimate wedding anniversary photography session at Santorini island – Greece, renowned as one of the top 5 wedding destinations worldwide!

I received an email from Jon and Jen asked me to be their wedding photographer or more precisely their anniversary photographer.

Even their names match of this lovely and still in love (after a decade!!) couple from the USA!!

Now that I met them, I feel glad that I was available and undertook their photography project.

We started from their hotel at Oia village, I peaked them up from there, and we continued strolling within the graphical alleys of Oia.

My first impression was that they were a beautiful couple and my impressions were enriched by the quality of their personalities and the cooperative spirit they had!

Most of all, what impressed me was the feeling they share with each other after a decade of marriage. I was looking through the lens while photographing them and they were whispering to each other words of love and their body language was “shouting” these words!!

As I found out later, the guitarist and the planner had the same thoughts with me, and we all commented that it is extremely rare to find people feeling like that after a ten years marriage!!

After Oia, we moved to Imerovigli area and continued with the photo session. It seems that we got carried away as we enjoyed it very much and we realized it after receiving a phone call from the wedding planner who got a bit worried about the time plan.

We headed back to Oia and found somewhere park, a parking space that Jon characterized it as “creative” parking, just inches separated our car from other vehicles and the main road (I guess you need to be “creative” in such manner when parking at Santorini and Greek islands 🙂

I changed my clothes and wore something more appropriate for the ceremony that I was about to attend. (oh, there is no way to photograph at Santorini under the hot sun and sometimes extreme temperatures wearing a suit!)

And what an intimate ceremony that was!!

The hotel is called Mystique and not by chance! The balcony was just ideal for their vows renewal; the ceremony was intimate, simple and sentimental! In the company of the guitarist’s beautiful melodies, Jon and Jen danced for at least an hour non stop, enjoying the scenery and the nights refreshing breeze!

I was there to record that and here are the photographic results!

We arranged a new photo session of vows renewal with Jon and Jen after ten years!

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