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Wedding Photographer UK – Orchardleigh Wedding

A Spring Wedding at Orchardleigh in Somerset UK

Sean Gannon – UK Wedding Photographer

I have said before that every wedding is unique. Even when I have been to a wedding venue a few times, its always the people that make the wedding special. I first met Jo and Nick about a year ago and have been looking forward to their wedding. For the first time in what seems forever, we had beautiful sunshine all day! The boys were in great spirits when I arrived. Nick was oddly calm for a groom. Jo’s room was the usual chaos of champagne and hairspray but amongst all, she too was very calm. She was even happy for me to steal her dress and hang it from a chandelier in the hallway of Orchardleigh house!

Jo was walked down the aisle by her mother and Nick stuck with tradition and didn’t look around until Jo was beside him. The vicar had told them they wouldn’t get to kiss when they had their rehearsal so it was a lovely surprise when he announced to everyone that they were husband and wife and they kissed to a great applause!

I have seen many speeches, funny, emotional and entertaining but I must say that this is the first best man speech that started with the slaying of a werewolf who then delivered the rest of the speech! Its one of the reasons I love weddings! The band kept the dance floor going all night and the boys were even allowed to smoke their cigars indoors for once!

Here are just a few images from Jo and Nicks fantastic day. I hope you like them, feel free to share them and comment below.

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