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Positano Wedding

When you are a destination wedding photographer you have the opportunity to travel to mesmerizing places. Being such for over twenty years now, I don’t simply love it, but am rather devoted to it. Recently I had the chance to revisit its a coastal village Positano on the Amalfi Coast Italy. I’ve always loved the area.

Both Tom and Signe have interesting background stories. He is a professional football player, playing for a team in Norway, while Signe she is a top model, recently featured for the underwear campaign of 50 Shades of Gray.

The reason I am so fond of Positano and the wedding I had the opportunity to partake the photographs speak for themselves. The passionate love of the couple, who both happened to be very good looking !  the beauty of Positano in the background and the spirit of the wedding itself were mesmerizing. The sole reason I am so passionate about being a destination wedding photographer is to reflect just that – the emotions, the people, the love, the passion and the beauty of the surrounding environment.

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Country Chic Wedding in Tuscany

Borgo di Castelvecchio is a tiny piece of paradise hiding in the Tuscan countryside. Lucia and Ian decided to celebrate their Italian wedding among friends and families coming from all over the world to honor Lucia’s Tuscan origins. Nine beautiful bridesmaids and nine handsome best men accompanied the bride and the groom in each moment of the wedding, which took place in the small Catholic Church of the Borgo. We had the chance to work with some of the best wedding vendors of the whole country, starting from the famous catering Galateo Ricevimenti , to the amazing Stiatti Fiori for the floral decorations – not to forget the amazing team of wedding planners of Distinctive who made this amazing wedding happen!

All the guests lodged at the Borgo or in some hotels nearby, and the majority of them came from the U.S. and from Italy. Lucia and Ian got ready separately in two different areas of the location, and met right at the altar as the Catholic tradition requires. After the ceremony, a cocktail party and buffet was waiting for the newlyweds, who started their married life in an incredible location and with such a great company, and kept on partying until late night. Congratulations!

A Country Chic Wedding in Tuscany by Mauro Pozzer Photographer

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany, Saint Galgano Abbey

Natalja and Andrej’ amazing wedding in Tuscany, in the monumental Saint Galgano Abbey! This amazing church is surrounded by the green in the heart of the Tuscany, very close to the medieval city of Siena. The Wedding Photographer Roberto Panciatici captured all the details of this amazing day in Saint Galgano Abbey, Tuscany.

Photographer: Roberto Panciatici Photography

In a beautiful small town …

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It was July 4, an important date. A date even more important to Sarah and Paul who have chosen as the setting for their big day on Lake Como.
They are wonderful and very much in love. That’s the day of their marriage through our eyes …

photographer: Diego Taroni, Photo27

wedding planner: