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Emanuele Carpenzano Photographer

Based In: Catania, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Rome, Venice, Florence, Como l France - Paris l United Kingdom - London

Emanuele Carpenzano was born 40 years ago in Sicily where he works as a professional photographer. His works are supported by continuous personal research and characterized by his love for the traditions, landscapes, and faces of Sicily. His…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Emanuele Carpenzano Photographer

Videosystem Sposi – Alessandro Ficano Photographer

Based In: Rieti, Italy

Other Locations: Central Italy, Italy and Europe

Alessandro began his approach to photography as a child and before leaving school, was already collaborating with his father photographer, dedicating themselves with great passion for the art of photography. At age 16, he began attending his…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Videosystem Sposi - Alessandro Ficano Photographer

Nicola Tanzella photography

Based In: Modena (Northern Italy - Emilia Romagna)

Other Locations: Italy - Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome l Greece l United Kingdom l France - Paris l Spain - Barcelona

I'm based in Northern Italy where I live and work with my girlfriend Federica. We love emotions and we love to travel all around Italy and abroad capturing the emotions between our brides and grooms. We believe that every wedding is unique…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Nicola Tanzella photography

Amy Turner Photography

Based In: Umbria, Italy

Other Locations: Tuscany - Siena, Lucca, Florence l Sorrento & Amalfi Coast l Lake Garda

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Tuscany & Umbria. I’ve photographed over 350 weddings in my career but have a particular love of Italy and ended up moving here full-time. I photograph weddings photo-journalistically,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Amy Turner Photography

Torino Foto

Based In: Torino, Italy

Other Locations: Torino - Via Frassineto 12/b

The tales are carried out by the photographer only in part, we tell what our brides have created and with such passion they have built: spontaneity, joy, joy of their moments is told through our eyes. Torino wedding photographer

Italy Wedding Photographers | Torino Foto

Elisa Bellanti Foto Event Studio

Based In: Taormina, Sicily

Other Locations: Agrigento, Palermo, Catania, Messina

I'm Elisa Bellanti, a wedding photographer based in Sicily in the Taormina City. I'm member of Foto Event Studio, a photographic and videographic studio with a team of photographer specialized in weddings. We have been working in the field…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Elisa Bellanti Foto Event Studio

Photographers & Partners

Based In: Italy - San Marino

Other Locations: Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Umbria, Amalfi Coast I'm based at San Marino but operate worldwide in Italy or abroad for exclusive wedding photography.

Photographers & Partners is a creation of professional wedding photographer Domenico Costabile with his experience of 20 years of wedding photography has started a brand new project of excellence to transmit you passion through unobtrusive,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Photographers & Partners

Duccio Argentini Photography

Based In: Florence, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Rome, Venice, Como Lake l UK - London l France - Paris l Spain - Barcellona

Hello, my name is Duccio Argentini, wedding photographer and a DOC Tuscan, just like a good Chianti wine. Better still, I am a dynamic wedding photographer and I love taking pictures of energetic, sporty couples. I love photographing the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Duccio Argentini Photography

Andrea Cittadini Photography

Based In: Umbria - and all of Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Como Lake, Ravello l London l Paris l Dubai l New York

Are you getting married in Tuscany and you're looking for an Italian wedding photographer able to tell the story of your big day with spontaneous and wonderful photos? Here I am!! 😀 I’m one of the best Italian wedding photographers based…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Andrea Cittadini Photography

Alessandro Capuzzo Photographer

Based In: Padova - Veneto - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Venezia, Garda Lake, Verona, Firenze, Como Lake, Tuscany | France - Paris l UK - London

I like stories ... Every moment of our life represents a story to tell... and what I to do is just that! Telling your story through my  art... ... Photography. I like to introduce myself to my couples with a photo book. I never say too much…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Alessandro Capuzzo Photographer


Based In: Treviso - Venice, Italy

Other Locations: Rome , Florence , Como Lake | Paris, France l London, UK | Moscow, Russia

I'm a very enthusiastic wedding photographer for 15 years based in north of Italy (Treviso-Venice). Every time a couple asks me to take part in their wedding day I feel honored to receive such an important job. I love working with people and…

Italy Wedding Photographers | PHOTOART Casonato

Studiobonon Photography

Based In: Italy - Tuscany, Florence

Other Locations: Italy -- Rome, Venice l Paris - France l London - UK l New York - USA l Moscow - Russia

Studiobonon Photography was born in 1970, as a result of Bruno Bonon’s passion for the wedding photography. Today this passion continues with his son Massimo Bonon and his staff, together they arranged a dynamic and modern organization…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Studiobonon Photography

Roberto Panciatici Photographer

Based In: Siena, Italy

Other Locations: Santorini, Greece l London, United Kingdom | Paris, France | Berlin, Germany

I AM A DAYDREAMER AND I’M FREE. THAT’S THE WAY I AM AND THE WAY I WANT TO BE. I like to change. I change my mindset, my life, my dreams, my point of view, especially when I realize that I’m wrong. I’m always changing, because life…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Roberto Panciatici Photographer

Marco Fantauzzo Photographer

Based In: Tuscany - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Siena, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Como, Sicily

Marco Fantauzzo, born in Sicily in 1970, soon embraced the world of photography thanks to his first camera, a Yashica MG1 that still he still preserves with love and care. From that moment on he never stopped photographing, rivers of film to…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Marco Fantauzzo Photographer

Alessandro Avenali

Based In: Venice, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Lake Como, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Sicily l Switzerland - Zurich l New York - New York City

Making others see what I see. I believe that's the essence of photography, in some ways, and that's what pushes me forward: that joy that lives in sharing. I like to catch the irony that's in life, along with the emotions. My style is rather…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Alessandro Avenali


Based In: Italy – Portofino

Other Locations: New York l Toronto l Italy – Venice, 5 Terre, Firenze, Roma, Siena, Milano

I started taking pictures when I was a child, trying to imitate my father. I liked his old cameras and I was fascinated by the alchemy of the darkroom.
 With the passage of time this particular way of interacting with reality has become the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | fotoOri

gb giorgio baruffi photography

Based In: Brescia – Garda Lake – Franciacorta - Italy

Other Locations: London – UK l Paris – France l Italy: Venezia, Verona, Firenze, Roma, Como Lake, Sicily, Tuscany.

How exciting it will be, after the wedding, to browse your photo collection? I believe that your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life together. This day deserves so much attention and surely the best documentation…

Italy Wedding Photographers | gb giorgio baruffi photography


Based In: Taranto, Puglia, Italy

Other Locations: Switzerland l England l Italy - Amalfi, Roma, Milano, Venezia, Bari, Firenze

"I’ve always believed that photos are extension of what photographers see with their heart not only with their eyes. Since I was a child I have been intrigued by the world of photography, one of the most versatile form of art. Over the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Fotogravina

Alessio Martinelli – Blackandlight

Based In: Rome, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide

Born in Rome on 08/18/1970 he graduated from the Technical Institute ”Galileo Galilei”, twenty years of experience in the field of television works as a videographer and director of photography for short films , video clips and TV shows.…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Alessio Martinelli - Blackandlight

Fulvio Pettinato Fotografia

Based In: Verbania (Piedmont - Italy)

Other Locations: Switzerland - Ticino l Italy - Como, Milano, Trento, Torino

Emotion reportage photographer. Natural photos without being intrusive. Always looking for unique and more 'real moments, all conducted with intense sensitivity which is the basis for a good photograph. Verbania wedding photographer

Italy Wedding Photographers | Fulvio Pettinato Fotografia

Gibotta Photographes

Based In: Napoli, Roma, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Sorrento, Parigi l United Kingdom - London l America l Saudi Arabia l Kuwait

My Name is Antonio Gibotta, I was born in Avellino in August 1988 and I always loved the world of photography. I transformed this passion in profession, accumulating a remarkable baggage of experience in Italy and abroad. I study, with my…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Gibotta Photographes

Barbara Di Cretico Photography

Based In: Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy

Other Locations: Italy, Tuscany, Sicily l New York, Mexico l Hawaii

I had my first camera when I was 10 .... And I have never ceased to take photos. And study. I think that the technique should be a means, important, but not the end. When shooting, I forget everything, and the heart wins. Every marriage,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Barbara Di Cretico Photography

Manuel Rusca Weddings Photographer

Based In: Genova, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Liguria, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Piedmont, Tuscany

My name is Manuel Rusca, a specialized photographer to crown your dream of love, with splendid pictures of rare and precious moments in an unforgettable wedding party. I always loved photography, but I started being seriously invested in it…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Manuel Rusca Weddings Photographer

Franco Milani

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Verona, Lake Como , Lake Garda, Rome, Tuscany l UK - London l Switzerland l France - Paris l Monte Carlo l Greece

"I take my inspiration from the moment, trying to respect the features that make that day unique and unrepeatable; I try to capture the most exciting situations and exalting the truest instants. Mine are simple and sober photographs,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Franco Milani

Andrea Sampoli Photography

Based In: Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Other Locations: Muenchen Germany l Paris France l Italy - Rome, Florence, Como lake, Naples, Venice

Andrea Sampoli, a photographer who was born in Siena in the year 1977, has been working with wedding photography for several years now. After living important experiences in the Art world (he has indeed published for the magazines “Play Boy…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Andrea Sampoli Photography

Salvatore Dimino

Based In: Sicily, Italy

Other Locations: I can work all around Sicily, Italy and Europe.

Salvatore Dimino was born in Elizabeth N.J. (USA) on 13/09/1979. Starting young and even before finishing school, he already worked with his father, devoting himself with great passion to the art of photography. At the age of 16, he began to…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Salvatore Dimino

Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers

Based In: Rome, Italy

Other Locations: Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide

Professional Photographer since 1988. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, Massimiliano opened Nabis Photography studio in 1994. His passion for photography brought him into contact with some of the most…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers

Claudio Amelio Fotografi

Based In: Italy / Naples

Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Roma

Claudio Amelio has extensive experience as a Wedding Photographer in Naples and Italy. The photography for weddings in recent years has evolved not only from the technical point of view, but above all from the point of view of its…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Claudio Amelio Fotografi

Gianluca Sgarriglia Photographer

Based In: Milan - Lombardy - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Venezia, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Firenze, Turin , Varese

I love telling stories with my photographs, often stories of love with an elegant and spontaneous style. The result will be a unique reportage, timeless. All smiles, details, feelings and emotions of the day will be documented with a discreet…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Gianluca Sgarriglia Photographer

Andrea Fabbrini Photographer

Based In: Siena, Tuscany - Italy

Other Locations: Florence l Rome l Venice l Amalfi coast l Como lake and all the best destination in Italy

I am a professional photographer specializing in wedding reportage based in Tuscany. Accustomed to move especially in Val d'Orcia and Tuscany, I have experience in various regions of Italy. In love with my job, I live every wedding as a new…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Andrea Fabbrini Photographer

Livio Lacurre Photography

Based In: Italy - Tuscany, Florence

Other Locations: Italy - Amalfi, Venice, Santorini, Siena | Paris, France | London, UK

Livio Lacurre is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in Arezzo, between Florence and Siena, in the heart of magical Tuscany. Specializing in wedding photography services, he offers services in Italy as well as abroad. A careful…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Livio Lacurre Photography

Edo Bertona Wedding and Personal Photographer

Based In: Borgomanero (Novara, Maggiore Lake & Orta Lake)

Other Locations: Italy - Milano, Portofino l Monaco - Montecarlo l Switzerland l France - Paris l Lebanon - Beirut l Dubai

For 27 years, I have been in professional photography. I was one of the first Italian photographers to take care of wedding photojournalism and the first Italian wedding photographer qualified at the QIP in 2001. I prefer spontaneous…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Edo Bertona Wedding and Personal Photographer

Danilo Coluccio wedding photographer

Based In: Calabria, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Taormina, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Sicily, Liguria, Basilicata

I was born in 1976 in Siderno, a charming town that overlooks a magnificent stretch of the Ionian coast of Calabria. I started photographing from early childhood by helping my father Mario, photographer, whose images since 1954 have told the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Danilo Coluccio wedding photographer

Moumou Photography

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Amalfi Coast, Sicily l United Kingdom l Greece

Moumou Photography is a creative wedding photographer studio. We are Chiara and Giuseppe, a couple in the job and in the life, with a different sight on the same event, but with a unique goal: capture emotions and moments of an unforgettable…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Moumou Photography

Moreno Belloni Photographer

Based In: Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Other Locations: Tuscany, Como Lake, Venice

Moreno Belloni has been in wedding photography since 1986. He has completed more than 1000 weddings. He belongs to the ANFM,an association with includes only selected professional photographers,a guarantee for the tranquility you deserve,so…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Moreno Belloni Photographer

Barbara Zanon Photography

Based In: Venice, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Rome, Milan, Sicily l London, United Kingdom l Berlin, Germany l Netherlands

Barbara Zanon was born in 1979 in the beautiful city of Venice and she is a contributor in the News of Getty Images. She usually publishes on most of the important international and national newspapers and magazines (such as Life, Time, The…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Barbara Zanon Photography

Mauro Pozzer Photographer

Based In: Vicenza - Veneto - Italy

Other Locations: Venice, Verona, Como Lake, Garda Lake, Rome, Tuscany l Switzerland l France l London, UK l Dubai l Israel

Look at a work of art that provokes widely varying reactions: excitement, joy, emotion ... or simply gives you a moment of inner well being. These are simple words that describe what happens when viewing Mauro Pozzer’s pictures. Mauro…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Mauro Pozzer Photographer


Based In: Sardinia - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Lake Como , Lake Garda, Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi coast l UK - London l USA - Mexico l France - Paris l Spain l Greece

MAURONSTER. I was born in 1982, in Sardinia, one of the best islands of Mediterranean Sea. Why do I love wedding photography? Because I nourish myself with emotions that are lively on your special day. I love, love, I love happiness and when…

Italy Wedding Photographers | MAURONSTER

Diego Giusti Photographer

Based In: Livorno, Tuscany

Other Locations: Roma, Venezia, Como, Firenze, Milano, Amalfi and All Europe and America

I was born in 1984 and I started early to test myself in photography and every art form. My office is in Livorno but I love working outdoors and I am willing to go everywhere for tell your story though my photos. Every wedding is a singular…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Diego Giusti Photographer

Andrea and Federica

Based In: Umbria, Italy

Other Locations: Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre

We are two passionate wedding photographers based in Umbria, Italy but happy to travel nation and world wide to make your day even more unforgettable. Our reportage approach insures that we are very unobtrusive in order to provide natural and…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Andrea and Federica

Vincenzo Massaro – Italian Wedding Photographer

Based In: Taranto - Apulia - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Rome, Capri | Switzerland l UK l around the world

For over thirty years our photographic studio eternalize love stories. At just 27 years, I have achieved my first goal that will make my father proud of me: 3rd place in the world in wedding photography from one of the most prestigious…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Vincenzo Massaro - Italian Wedding Photographer

Alessandro Della Savia | DS Visuals

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Como Lake, Portofino, Tuscany, Venice, Lombardia, Roma, Lake District, Garda Lake

I live in Milan with my lovely family, my wife and my two children. I printed my first pictures in the darkroom at school when I was 12, and since then I have always considered photography to be my personal magic. After passionate studies and…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Alessandro Della Savia | DS Visuals

Studio Fotografico Bacci

Based In: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Other Locations: Montreal, Canada l New York, United States l Paris/Provence, France l Dubai l Rome/Venice, Italy l Scotland

My name is Federico, son and grandson of wedding photographers. I was brought up with “bread and film”, as I always say. My passions are Photography, Music and Cinema: I am a guitar player, and I have to say that music has an incredible…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Studio Fotografico Bacci

Damiano Salvadori Photographer

Based In: Florence - Tuscany

Other Locations: Siena - Tuscany

Yesterday... Whilst growing up I was fascinated by photography and occasionally I used with my fathers Minolta and having fun to capture things around me, but that was an hobby. Then, when I met my wife Donatella, who is also passionate about…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Damiano Salvadori Photographer

Riccardo Pieri Photographer

Based In: Tuscany near Florence

Other Locations: Italy - Santorini, Amalfi, Venice, Lake Como l France - Paris l United Kingdom - London

I believe that there is no doubt about the fact ... that this is the best job there is. As a child, when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always answered a photographer, that dream has come true. I love being around people…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Riccardo Pieri Photographer

Photo27 Italian Wedding Photographers

Based In: Milan‚ Italy

Other Locations: Roma, Venice, Tuscany, Portofino, Amalfi Coast, Italy l Greece l UK l Japan

In a general context, in a situation, I simply cut out something that excites me, and I turned it into photography. To thrill the other, to move you. With my eye I see things that others see in different forms, playing with the light, with…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Photo27 Italian Wedding Photographers

Emiliano Cribari

Based In: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Other Locations: Northern Italy, Central Italy and Southern Italy l All Destinations Worldwide

I’m an Italian wedding photographer based in Florence. I love exclusively natural and candid images, so my style is totally unobtrusive: I wish to simply observe and document the wedding, without interfering with its spontaneous course.…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Emiliano Cribari

Nicola Tonolini Photographer

Based In: Pesaro - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Verona, Garda Lake, Como Lake

I am a seeker of emotions. From the very first meeting with the groom and the bride I look for a feeling of empathy because I think it is important to establish a sincere relationship of mutual trust. I have a photojournalist approach to tell…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Nicola Tonolini Photographer

Luigi Rota Wedding Photographer

Based In: Lombardia, Italy

Other Locations: Lake Como, Milan, Rome, Venice, Sicily, Liguria, Tuscany l Switzerland l USA l France l London, UK l Dubai

Luigi Rota was born in 1973 at the age of 14 and immediately embarks on his training and adventure in the world of photography. With over 25 years of experience in the field, now owner of FOTOROTASTUDIO coordinates a team of professional…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Luigi Rota Wedding Photographer

Pino Coduti photographer

Based In: Lucera, Puglia - Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Amalfi Coast, Rome, Pescara, Tuscany, Venice, Salento l Switzerland

Pino Coduti was born in Lucera (Italy) in 1969. After years of study, research and innovation he is unanimously recognized as one of the best Italian and European portraitists. He is also an esteemed speaker at workshops for professional…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Pino Coduti photographer

Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter

Based In: Giulianova, Italy

Other Locations: Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Florence l London, UK

My name is Giancarlo Malandra and I'm based in Giulianova, Central Italy. I’m an award winning wedding photographer and i shoot in photojournalistic style. My philosophy is to photograph every single moment of your wedding in an artistic…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter

Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer

Based In: Verona, Italy

Other Locations: North of Italy l Bari, Naples, Como, Venice, Florence l Spain - Barcelona

Hi! I am Sergio. I firmly believe that wedding photography is a true form of art. I have a passion for detail, and I am constantly searching for a different angle to see things. When I drive, sometimes I take the longest road to enjoy the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer

Marco Miglianti Studio

Based In: Tuscany, Italy

Other Locations: Italy: Florence, Siena, Rome, Amalfi, Chianti, Portovenere l Foreign Locations: Europe, USA

Marco Miglianti Studio is a team of photographers specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography. Our style is fresh and spontaneous; we get the simplicity of emotions to give back the genuine tale of your wedding. Our studio is based…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Marco Miglianti Studio

Estella Lanti – Italy Wedding Photographers

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Rome, Venice, Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Lake Como, Italy l France l Spain l Greece l UK l USA l Dubai

I’m Estella Lanti, an Italian wedding photographer based in Milan. I have a long and wide experience on Italian and International wedding photography. I had the privilege to capture fabulous images abroad: Santorini, Ibizia and even…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Estella Lanti - Italy Wedding Photographers

Matteo Cuzzola Photography

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Udine, Venice, Como Lake, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Florence, Tuscany

I absolutely love what I do! I am an enthusiastic photographer since childhood and I have the privilege of documenting the most important moments in people's lives. I have always been intrigued by photography, I studied photography in Milan…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Matteo Cuzzola Photography

Flavio Bandiera – Wedding Photography

Based In: Baldissero Torinese - Turin - Italy

Other Locations: Monte Carlo, Switzerland, U.K., Hong Kong, U.S.A.

Flavio Bandiera was born in 1970, and lives with his wife in Turin, in the north of Italy. He is an an award-winning Turin wedding photographer who has been dedicated for over fifteen years to international photographic projects and has…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Flavio Bandiera - Wedding Photography

Luca Tibberio

Based In: Florence, Bologna, Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Europe and UK | Mexico l Italy - Amalfi Coast, Venice, Rome

Hi all! My name's Luca and obviously you've found me here because I'm a wedding photographer. I was born in Milan, but I live in a very little town in the center of Italy, with my wife and my daughter. I love my job because I love meeting…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Luca Tibberio

Maison di Veronica Masserdotti

Based In: Brescia, Lombardia ‚ Italy

Other Locations: Greece l Spain l Italy, Lombardia‚ Garda Lake‚ Verona‚ Bergamo‚ Mantova - Milan

Veronica Masserdotti was born in Brescia in the north of Italy in 1972. She studied photography at Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera in Milan and has exibited her conceptual-photography in Italian art galleries. In 1994 she began working as a…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Maison di Veronica Masserdotti

Francesco Spighi Photography

Based In: Florence, Tuscany - Italy

Other Locations: Amalfi, Venice, Rome, Siena | Paris (France) l London (UK)

Hello, I’m Francesco, Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Florence Tuscany but operating through Italy as well as abroad. Friendly and relaxed approach mixed with personal, eye catching photojournalistic style is the only way I know…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Francesco Spighi Photography

Linda Puccio Fine Art Photographer

Based In: Ragusa (Italy, Sicily)

Other Locations: Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Como lake, Taormina, Catania

Hello and welcome! I'm Linda, I'm based in South Sicily, where the sun shines 12 months per year, and I work wherever you want me to shoot 🙂 My wedding photography speaks about stories. Stories of love, true emotions, people, places and…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Linda Puccio Fine Art Photographer

Nicola Nesi – Photographer

Based In: Como, Italy

Other Locations: France – Paris l Switzerland l United Kingdom – London l Italy – Lombardia, Venice, Tuscany, Portovenere, Almalfi, Lake of Como

I was born in 1968, specializing in photojournalism in wedding photography, style spontaneous, but refined, with pictures to tell the emotions of your special day.

Italy Wedding Photographers | Nicola Nesi – Photographer

Facibeni Fotografia

Based In: Italy - Tuscany

Other Locations: Portofino | Cinque Terre | Portovenere | Siena | Orvieto | Liguria

Fresh, Romantic, Timeless. You'll love what you'll walk away with: unforgettable moments + super stylish photos to last a lifetime. Facibeni Fotografia is a husband + wife duo based in Tuscany. Fine art photographers with love for emotions,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Facibeni Fotografia

Gianni Scognamiglio

Based In: Italy - Naples

Other Locations: Italy - Florence, Venice, Milan, Santorini and all cities l United Kingdom - London l France - Paris

I'm Gianni Scognamiglio (Naples wedding photographer) and I am a co-founder of Fotocenter Wedding Studio. Wedding is one of the most important events of life, and this is the reason why it must be recounted in the best way we can. We have…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Gianni Scognamiglio

Riccardo Cigno Wedding Photography

Based In: Sulmona, Italy

Other Locations: Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Tuscany, Rome, Capri, Sardinia, Positano, Ravello

Riccardo Cigno is a destination wedding photographer based in Sulmona, (Abruzzo,Italy). After working in Commercial and Editorial photography, he focused his attention on Wedding Photography. Frustrated with the traditional style of Italian…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Riccardo Cigno Wedding Photography

Maria Shall Photography

Based In: Rome, Italy

Other Locations: US - New York City, Washington, San Francisco l Italy - Como l Spain - Barcelona, Madrid l Israel - Tel-Aviv l UK - London l Czech Republic - Prague

I am destination wedding photographer Maria Shall and I`m working in weddings for more than 7 years. I've captured more than 100 weddings in 15 cities and want to continue 🙂 As a professional traveler, I can say that I can work in any…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Maria Shall Photography

Cristiano Ostinelli Photographer

Based In: Como, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Milano, Venizia, Lombardia, Tuscany l Hong Kong

Cristiano was born in Como in 1968 and has been in the photojournalism field since 1995. He has photographed prestigious weddings and has a spontaneous and very sophisticated style.  Cristiano also teaches photography in Milan and Como.

Italy Wedding Photographers | Cristiano Ostinelli Photographer

Sonia Aloisi Photographer

Based In: IITALIA ( Caltanissetta )

Other Locations: Italia - Catania, Sicily, Palermo l America l England

Avere la fortuna di trasformare la passione in lavoro penso sia il sogno di tutti. A me è successo. Pur avendo studiato tutt'altro nella vita, ho sempre avuto una predisposizione per l'arte e nella macchina fotografica ho trovato la mia…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Sonia Aloisi Photographer

Gianluca Mulazzani Creative Wedding Photographer

Based In: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Garda Lake l Spain l Switzerland l Malta

I was born in Rimini on 1970 and have been a professional wedding photographer since 1994. My style is fresh, emotional and contemporary with a splash of tradition. My vision is to be constantly moving forward and creating beautiful timeless…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Gianluca Mulazzani Creative Wedding Photographer

Francesco Rimmaudo Wedding Photography

Based In: Taormina-Caltagirone-Sicily - Italy

Other Locations: Switzerland l Germany

Francesco Rimmaudo was born in 1980. Since he was young his passion for photography deepened. He spent the beginning years of formation as apprentice, attending in Milano the prestigious Academy of Photography, Jhon Kaverdash; as well as…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Francesco Rimmaudo Wedding Photography

Fabio Mirulla tuscany wedding photographer

Based In: Florence, Tuscany – Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, Sicily | Greece | UK | All Destinations Worldwide

Hello, I am Fabio Mirulla. I was born in 1986 in a small village near Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Since I was young I began to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me, so loved all over the world, so when in 2005 I started…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Fabio Mirulla tuscany wedding photographer

Adriano Mazzocchetti Fotografo

Based In: Teramo, Italy

Other Locations: Italy: Rome - Florence - Lake Como - Venice - Amalfi Coast - Capri l Europe

I was born in 1973 and I started photographing wedding events ten years ago. I love entering the fray and documenting everything that is happening around me with my shots. I love to understand what the bride and the groom want and imagine for…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Adriano Mazzocchetti Fotografo

Viola Bellotto

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Great Britain - London l Switzerland l France - Paris l Monaco - Monte Carlo l Greece

Sono una fotografa specializzata nella fotografia di matrimonio. scatto per lo più in reportage, cercando di catturare le emozioni e rendere indelebili i momenti. amo la semplicità, la sobrietà e la raffinatezza. Sono sempre alla ricerca…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Viola Bellotto


Based In: Tuscany, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Apulia, Como Lake l London l Dubai l New York

His career includes various kinds of photography, advertising, landscape, corporate. Today Alessandro is a full time professional wedding photographer. Member of ISPWP, Fearless Photographer and AG-WPJA. In 2014 -- one of the top ten…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Collephoto

Beatrice Moricci Photographer

Based In: Florence, Tuscany

Other Locations: London, UK | Amsterdam, Holland | Greece | USA | Worldwide whenever your story takes me


Italy Wedding Photographers | Beatrice Moricci Photographer

Sara D’Ambra Photography

Based In: Milan, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como, Apulia l France l Australia

Every wedding is unique and special. Her mission is to represent that day and you honestly but with a romantic touch, through storytelling images about situations, emotions and moods that you could taste even after years. She loves to catch…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Sara D'Ambra Photography

Creative Couple Studio

Based In: Savona, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Cinque Terre, Positano, Venice, Como & Garda Lake, Florence | UK - London | France - Côte d’Azur | Worldwide

During your wedding day, I will be present and available, but at the same time I will be really discreet, I will take care of the right light, the perfect framework, the exposure and every other detail. Everything you will have to do will be…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Creative Couple Studio

Andrea Bagnasco Fotografie

Based In: Genova, Italy

Other Locations: Italy - Portofino, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Lake Como, Tuscany l Monaco - Monte Carlo

My name is Andrea Bagnasco and I am a documentary wedding photographer. I am based in the small coastal town of Varazze, on the Ligurian sea, very close to Genova, Portofino, the Tigullio region, Cinque Terre, Monte Carlo and within a small…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Andrea Bagnasco Fotografie

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

Based In: Trapani Sicily, Italy

Other Locations: New York | Montreal | Tokyo | Shanghai | Mykonos | New Delhi | Europe | Italy: Taormina, Venice, Amalfi, Palermo, Capri

Nino Lombardo is a Sicily wedding photographer who will capture a realistic and natural picture on your wedding day. He literally loves black and white reportage, the play of light and shadows, the emotions, the joys of marriage and you and…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

Italy Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Christopher Martin Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: The USA, Italy, France, UK and Europe

Looking for a high end wedding photographer that will produce images that not only show the love and emotion of your day but also imagery that will obtain a gasp from friends and family? Then look no further. My wedding photography style can…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Christopher Martin Photography

Rares Pulbere Photography
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice, Rome l Spain - Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada, Madrid

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde With this in mind, I’m on my journey in this adventure called life. Hi, I’m Rares and I am a passionate traveler, an explorer of life, always looking…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Rares Pulbere Photography

Mike Garrard Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Italy - Lake Garda, Amalfi l UK - Oxford, Hampshire, Kent, Reading, Nottingham, Surrey, Bath

Hi, I'm a creative documentary photographer based near London, and specialise in producing story-telling images with a natural feel. We're honoured to have been voted one of the best wedding photography studios in the UK, and are always…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Mike Garrard Photography

One Day Studio International Weddings
Based In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Other Locations: Venice, Italy l Monaco, Monte Carlo l Europe-Split-Dubrovnik/Greece l and all destinations Worldwide

Well, congratulations! A new life is in front of you and a new challenge in front of us! By now, your head is probably spinning around from all the thoughts, ideas and question marks. Be calm, we are sure you will have everything organized…

Italy Wedding Photographers | One Day Studio International Weddings

Dennis Berti
Based In: Los Cabos, Mexico
Other Locations: Mexico - Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, San Miguel de Allende l Mexico City l California - San Diego l Italy - Tuscany

Hola! We are Dennis & Chio, a couple of wedding photographers based in Cabo San Lucas - Mexico but available to shoot your wedding anywhere around the world. We truly believe in love, and being able to capture your true essence with a camera…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Dennis Berti

David Beckstead
Based In: Spokane, Washington
Other Locations: Rome - Italy, London - England, Bahamas, Vancouver - Canada, Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

David was named “The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine: David is truly a mountain man at heart! He has traveled…

Italy Wedding Photographers | David Beckstead

EYE Jogia Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Dubai, Italy, Monaco, Kenya, India, Lake Garda, Los Angeles, Rome, Venice, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New York

Sanjay and Roshni Jogia are EYE Jogia Photography from London. Together we see, feel and encapsulate the love, energy, excitement and fun that makes a wedding. Whether it’s the natural moments, details (large or small), or beautiful…

Italy Wedding Photographers | EYE Jogia Photography

FineArt Studio — Boutique Wedding Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya - Mexico
Other Locations: Los Cabos - Mexico l Milan - Italy


Italy Wedding Photographers | FineArt Studio -- Boutique Wedding Photography

Destined for Happiness powered by
Based In: We are providing services in California, Bay Area as well as word wide. Our studio address is 900 E. Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA, 95124
Other Locations: Stockholm, Sweden l Rome, Italy

Crazy about LIFE - Extremely positive, hilariously fun, HAPPY, with strong desire to change the world for the better. everyday people’s love stories are unfolding around me. same event location always a new story, new personalities, new…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Destined for Happiness powered by

Claire Morgan Photography
Based In: Mallorca, Spain
Other Locations: Ibiza, Menorca

Allowing the spontaneity of the people to emerge and being there to capture it. These are the true memories of each unique wedding; the laughter, the tears and the warm tender moments. These are the memories that we carry with us into the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Claire Morgan Photography

Janis Ratnieks Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: France - Paris, Nice, Cannes l Italy - Portofino, Florence, Venice

Here at Janis Ratnieks Photography we are a team of award-winning photographer and fabulous retoucher renowned for our conceptual wedding imagery and producing the finest wedding photographs there are. In nine years we have captured hundreds…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Janis Ratnieks Photography

York Place Studios
Based In: York, Yorkshire, UK
Other Locations: France l Italy l UK - York, Leeds, Harrogate, Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle

We are Dominique and Liam Shaw, brother and sister photography team, documentary wedding photographers and the creative partnership behind York Place Studios. We shoot in a predominantly reportage style and throughout the day are constantly…

Italy Wedding Photographers | York Place Studios

Married to my Camera
Based In: Guildford, Surrey, UK
Other Locations: Italy l France l United Kingdom - Sussex, Hampshire, London

I am a Surrey wedding photographer in the UK specialising in an unobtrusive form of documentary wedding photography. I love being there to witness all the emotion of such a momentous day in two people’s lives. I enjoy capturing as much of…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Married to my Camera

Yiannis Alefantou
Based In: Peloponnese, South Greece
Other Locations: Italy l South France l Greece - Monemvasia, Spetses, Mykonos, Sifnos, Santorini, Folegandros

Life is about the journey… and who you travel with is more important than any destination. The presence of people is what can make a good story into a great story that is worth sharing... Instagram Europe destination wedding photographer

Italy Wedding Photographers | Yiannis Alefantou

Based In: Varazdin Croatia
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Tuscany l Austria – Wien l London l Paris l New York

European based wedding photographers and cinematography brand, passionate about what we do best. We create everlasting captured moments through the most precious day of our lives. As award-winning photographers, we pride ourselves not only on…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Reflexion

George Michalas
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos l Cyprus l Italy

George’s energy combined with his talent makes him a much sought after wedding photographer. It is his intention that when photographing a wedding he has as much fun as possible and bring out the fun…sexy… beauty in you… to create…

Italy Wedding Photographers | George Michalas

Thanasis Kaiafas
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Mykonos, Santorini l Italy - Venice l UK - London

I’ve often wondered what my life would be like without photography but I’ve never been able to answer this question… maybe because I simply can’t imagine my life without a camera in my hands. To me, photography is passion,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Thanasis Kaiafas

Based In: Vienna, Austria
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Tuscany l Switzerland - Zurich, St. Moritz l Austria - Salzburg, Kitzbühel

You want your story told? Shed a tear while watching your wedding pictures? Discover all the big and small moments of your wedding you have not even recognized? So let me cover your big day. I will catch the atmosphere without being noticed…

Italy Wedding Photographers | orange-foto

Ian Johnson Photo
Based In: London England | Stockholm Sweden
Other Locations: Los Angeles California, Santorini Greece, Tuscany Italy , Provence France, Thailand

Vivianne Valentine of  TNT's TV show " Wedding Day " said ' .... your energy and inspiration on wedding days is contagious ' Ian has photographed weddings for 18 years. An award-winning photographer with a background of fashion and film, the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Ian Johnson Photo

Alexis Jaworski Photography
Based In: Reading, England
Other Locations: United Kingdom - London, Oxford, Birmingham, Southampton, Basingstoke, Brighton l France - Paris l Italy - Rome l Spain -Madrid

Alexis is a wedding photographer producing unique and timeless images combining reportage wedding photography with some natural looking portraits to produce natural and long lasting images of your wedding day. Alexis places great importance…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Alexis Jaworski Photography

Kristian Leven Photography
Based In: London, England
Other Locations: UK - Hampshire, Berkshire | Italy - Amalfi, Tuscany | Indonesia - Bali

I approach every wedding quietly and unobtrusively, whilst building up a unique story of all the significant moments. My aim is to capture the spirit and feel of the day, ensuring that the biggest day of your life will never be forgotten.…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Kristian Leven Photography

Shira Weinberger Photography
Based In: New York City, NY
Other Locations: India l Paris l Mexico l Caribbean l Italy l California (Destination Weddings Internationally)

Shira Weinberger is a New York based photographer and an award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Her work has been published and acclaimed internationally, appearing in Brides Magazine, Anhelo…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Shira Weinberger Photography

Stuart Wood
Based In: Derbyshire UK
Other Locations: London, Surrey, Cheshire, Harrogate, Hampshire l Spain l Italy

Stuart is now placed amongst the very best wedding photographers because he has successfully brought all his experience shooting at the very highest level for magazines and TV, to today's bridal styles. He is available for your wedding at any…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Stuart Wood

Mark Seymour Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: UK - Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire l Italy - Amalfi,Tuscany

Mark is a leading London documentary wedding and street photographer who is renowned for his ability to capture the narrative of a wedding day in a natural and informal way, that ensures all the unique moments and emotions of a wedding are…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Mark Seymour Photography

John Hope Photography
Based In: Leeds, UK
Other Locations: France l Italy l UK - London, Manchester, York, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool

Hi! I’m a Yorkshire wedding photographer based in Leeds but I travel all over the UK and cover destination weddings too. I love how in a coming together of vision and technique, anything from raw energy and euphoria to complete peace and…

Italy Wedding Photographers | John Hope Photography

Yvonne Zemke – Wedding Photography
Based In: Düsseldorf, Germany
Other Locations: Germany: Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin l Austria l Italy

Yvonne Zemke has a passion for the vitality of a wedding day – a cornucopia of emotions just waiting to be transformed into a story. "Reportage and Portraits, both have their place. I cannot imagine the one without the other. The reportage…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Yvonne Zemke - Wedding Photography

Vasilis Maneas
Based In: Thessaloniki, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Monemvasia, Mykonos, Halkidiki, Corfu, Cyprus | Italy - Rome | UK - London

Selected as 1 of 25 International Wedding Photographers from across the World by BRIDES MAGAZINE UK for the year 2014, member of Best of Wedding Photography, the premier association for the world's top wedding photographers and also, awarded…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Vasilis Maneas

Martina Zancan
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: Spain - Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Baleares, Canarias l Italy - Tuscany, Como and Garda Lake, Venice, Rome l England - London l Greece l Switzerland l Worldwide

I’m Martina, a brunch addicted, lifeaholic, Italian fashion photographer living the dream in Barcelona and traveling the world to tell stories. I hunt for subtle and intense emotions. I help people celebrating life, love, family and style.…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Martina Zancan

Based In: München/Landshut Germany
Other Locations: Germany: Baviera - Regensburg - Ingolstad l Austria l Italy

Based in Munchen, Andrea Basile Photography specialises in capturing the charm and elegance of your wedding. Deciding to have your wedding in Germany, Austria or Italy is an exciting and unforgettable experience that you will want to remember…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Photobasile

Ian Baker Photography
Based In: Dursley, nr Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: United Kingdom - Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Oxford l Italy l France

Based in the beautiful Cotswolds in England, I’m a wedding photographer who really wouldn’t wish to do anything else. In fact someone once said to me that my wedding pictures reflect a real love for what I do: a sentiment that I’ve…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Ian Baker Photography

David Morgan Photography
Based In: UK - London
Other Locations: Italy and France

Hi! I'm David and I am based near London and love to create stunning wedding collections for my clients. I am proud that Brides magazine wrote that they consider me as "One of the UK's best wedding photographers!" I love to photograph those…

Italy Wedding Photographers | David Morgan Photography

John Hellstrom Photography
Based In: Stockholm, Sweden
Other Locations: Iceland l Italy - Rome, Venice, Portofino, Como, Tuscany, Florence

Who Hi, my name is John. I'm a father, husband and wedding photographer. I am married and have two wonderful boys. I therefore know how important the wedding day is and how enjoyable it is to remember it through great pictures. To be invited…

Italy Wedding Photographers | John Hellstrom Photography

Jacob and Pauline Photography
Based In: United Kingdom - London
Other Locations: Italy, France, Spain, New York, California

Hi! We’re Jacob and Pauline, a couple working together to photograph and film weddings around the world. We combine our individual specialisms – wedding photography and filmmaking – in an elegant, timeless style, which effortlessly…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Jacob and Pauline Photography

Vangelis Photography
Based In: Santorini, Greece
Other Locations: Mykonos, Athens, Greece l Dubai, UAE l Venice, italy

My love for photography has been taking over ever since I can remember myself. I have always been taking pictures… From the end of my photography studies till the present day I have 20 years of working experience as a fulltime photographer.…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Vangelis Photography

Mateos wedding
Based In: France -- Paris
Other Locations: England l Russia l European and Worldwide Destinations

Because I love people, I specialize in photographing people; I love to record their emotions. Therefore my motto is “to catch emotion and the life that goes with it". My work is centered on the people I photograph, making sure I catch light…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Mateos wedding

Nikos P. Gogas
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Creta,Corfu, Rhodes, Athens, Halkidiki

I love to take photographs of a kiss with passion, truth and honesty, the art of black and white, sexy and sensitivity, summer time day light, people with emotions, children, grandmother, wedding dress and high heels, crazy party, your best…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Nikos P. Gogas

Rino Cordella photographer
Based In: LECCE – Puglia
Other Locations: Italy - Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como , Sicily l Belgium l Switzerland l UK l France l Dubai l USA

RINO CORDELLA was born in Brussels, the European city where he could breathe as a child, some of the most important artistic movements that allowed him to open his own window on the world of art. Then, with time and artistic maturity, he…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Rino Cordella photographer

Crash Taylor – International Documentary Wedding Photographer
Based In: London, United Kindgdom
Other Locations: Spain l France l Italy l Los Angeles, California

Born in Los Angeles, International Wedding Photographer Crash Taylor is one of the United Kingdom's most in demand documentary wedding photographers. In 2009, Crash was named one of the top 10 UK winter wedding photographers by Professional…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Crash Taylor - International Documentary Wedding Photographer

Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography
Based In: Baltimore, Maryland
Other Locations: Washington, DC l Annapolis, MD, Philadelphia, PA l Alexandria, VA l Rockville, MD l Venice, Italy

Why you will love working with us: Winner of the Knot "Best of Weddings" 2008 and 2009, which is awarded to the best photographers as decided by consistently excellent reviews on the Knot Winner of Wedding Wire's "Bride's Choice Award 2008,…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography

Nik Pekridis
Based In: Thessaloniki, Greece
Other Locations: Santorini, Mikonos, Rhodes, Corfu, Creta, Athens, Greece l Italy l United Kingdom

I have been a professional photographer for 25 years, and became a member of SWPP, WPPI, ISPWP and PWS in Greece in the last three years. I have won several awards through SWPP, WPPI, and PWS, for example, the 20x16 image completion. I am the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Nik Pekridis

Based In: Austria (Salzburg)
Other Locations: Italy - Como, Garda l Germany - München, Stuttgart

More than 10 years I have been working as a wedding photographer. I’m a huge fan of wedding and family photography and am very focused on human connections. I love to capture real emotions in a journalistic kind of way. It’s all about…

Italy Wedding Photographers | AndyVoxStudio

Harry Richards Photography
Based In: Islington, London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Home Counties, Dorset, Wales, All UK, Europe

Harry Richards is a reportage wedding photographer, based in Islington, London. He has over 12 years experience photographing weddings of all shapes and sizes. "I consider it a real privilege to take natural wedding pictures. Bringing good…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Harry Richards Photography

Woodstock Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Throughout the UK & Europe l Cyprus, Italy l Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, UK

Hi there i'm Danny Woodstock. I love being creative and I have always had a real passion for photography. I have been a professional wedding photographer for 6 years now and my passion and enthusiasm grows with every wedding I shoot, your…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Woodstock Photography

Giota Zoumpou PhotostudioGT
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Cyprus, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes l Italy - Rome, Venezia

Real beauty is timeless. Real photos are magic. They can bring a smile or a tear no matter how many years have passed. My wedding photography formula is to capture emotions and relationships in a photojournalistic style. The result will be…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Giota Zoumpou PhotostudioGT

David and Sherry Photography
Based In: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Other Locations: Italy l France l Canada - Toronto, Kelowna, Banff, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City

We are David and Sherry – husband and wife duo behind our patent-pending concept of the “Couplescape”. This idea was borne of our combined interest in landscapes and romance, where each amplifies the other. Whether it is an engagement…

Italy Wedding Photographers | David and Sherry Photography

Paul Rogers
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Covering France and Italy. Also Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the rest of the UK

I’ve been a photographer all of my adult life. I started at local news agencies and have spent the last 17 years covering news and features for The Times in London, one of the finest broadsheet newspapers in the World. It’s the experience…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Paul Rogers

Elena Haralabaki
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos l Italy - Venice, Tuscany, Florence l Austria - Vienna l All destinations Worldwide

Hello! My name is Elena Haralabaki and lately I have undertaken numerous events both in Greece and abroad. I absolutely love photography as it's giving me the creative fulfillment that I seek in my everyday life! I am a recognized member of…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Elena Haralabaki

Panagiotis Kounoupas
Based In: Athens - Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos, Hydra, Monemvasia, Sifnos, Paros, Peloponnese l Switzerland l Italy

Hello! I am a storytelling wedding photographer and my base is in Athens - Greece. My approach to photographing your wedding is to cover discreetly all your important moments without directing you and without intervening in the course of the…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Panagiotis Kounoupas

Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky Photodesign
Based In: Hamburg, Germany
Other Locations: Germany - Dusseldorf, Berlin, Cologne l France l Italy

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Kirill photographs all around Germany and abroad. Kirill has studied design and photography at the famous Volkwang University in Essen, Germany. He is a member of several prestigious international photographers’…

Italy Wedding Photographers | Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky Photodesign

If wedding bells are ringing for you in Italy, consider us just a little bit jealous. Your Italy wedding photographers will be happy. The gorgeous landscapes, the incredible architecture, and the sumptuous food … it’s just the perfect spot to say “I do.” Whether you and your beloved hope to trade vows on a ski slope in the alps, in a quaint village chapel, in an ancient cathedral in Rome or on the island of Capri, there is a venue just calling your name. And of course, there are plenty of places for incredible engagement, wedding and day-after photo sessions in Italy. As you prepare for your photo sessions, take some time to chat with your Italy wedding photographers about your unique style as a couple. You’ll want your photos that really represent your personalities! Are you nature lovers looking to incorporate a bit of green into your photos? Consider a short hike along the Cinque Terre Trail (a picturesque path that links five small villages on the eastern Ligurian coast). For something truly unique, enjoy some agri-tourism on a farm in Tuscany. Your Italy wedding photographer can document you and your beloved soaking in the slow-paced life of rural Italy – trekking, feeding the animals, horseback riding or just lounging in the sun. While you’re in the area, why not take some photos at the breathtaking San Gimignano – a walled medieval hill town in Tuscany famous for its ancient towers. If you and your sweetie are into a more urban scene, consider having your Italy wedding photographers meet you in Rome. Stop for a coffee at a street side café; then head over to the Coliseum and the Pantheon where you can snag a quick smooch in the presence of the ancients. Let your photographer capture your love as you and your beloved stroll along the cobblestone alleyways, linger in the Piazza Spagna and browse the goods in the nearby shops. If you’re a couple that just can’t choose, consider a place that has a bit of everything—the Lombardy region in northern Italy. From the high-fashion districts of Milan to the vistas of Lake Como to the hillsides covered with lemon groves and vineyards, your Italy wedding photographer will have no trouble finding plenty photo opportunities. No matter which spots you choose in Italy, you will have incredible backdrops for your engagement and wedding photography. Just be sure to add in a few extra days to your stay to ensure that you and your beloved have time to enjoy all of the wonderful sights!

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