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Selene Pozzer Photographer
Based In: Venice, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Lake Como, Verona, Tuscany, Lake Garda, Rome, Milan l US - New York, California

Love, passion, emotions, joy. I think these are the best words to describe what I do.

I think of myself as a citizen of the World, and one of my greatest achievements was turning my passion into my dream job - Wedding Photography.

I am a Wedding Storyteller: besides creating beautiful images, candid and emotional portraits, my ultimate goal is to narrate the couple's story, their love, their emotions in such a special and unique day.

My relationship with the couple starts way before the wedding day: I am a very empathetic person, and I really get involved in the lives and the stories of the people I photograph.

I want to know the people I photograph, I want to know their stories: I really care for people, and my goal is to make their memories everlasting, to tell the story of their love in the best way possible.

I love couples in love, those who fear not to show their emotions, their truer selves.

I believe in Love, in all its forms.

Wedding Photography has brought me all around the world for Weddings and Couple portraits: I love traveling, meeting new people, exploring new places and new countries.

My style has been defined as fresh, bold, fun and emotional, but most of all, timeless: my goal is to create memories to be cherished, a visual heritage of the most sincere, powerful and emotional moments of the people's lives.

The idea of creating the best memories for the couples I work with brought me to open a second business as well: ManiSol Wedding, an all-female wedding photography and videography team based in Italy and working all around the world.

Venice wedding photographer