Best of Wedding Photography

Paul Rogers
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Covering France and Italy. Also Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the rest of the UK

I’ve been a photographer all of my adult life. I started at local news agencies and have spent the last 17 years covering news and features for The Times in London, one of the finest broadsheet newspapers in the World. It’s the experience of photographing world leaders and royalty, as well as documenting news around the globe, that gives me a unique take on documenting a wedding. I’ve spent years conveying complex news stories in single images and photo essays. What could be a better background for telling the story of a couples wedding day in photographs?

As well as beautiful documentary photography, I also offer my clients Documentary Photofilms - a short film using the still images together with the sounds of the speeches and the ceremony. It’s a powerful and emotive way to remember the day. Have a look at some examples on my website.