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Vincenzo Massaro – Italian Wedding Photographer
Based In: Taranto - Apulia - Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Rome, Capri | Switzerland l UK l around the world

Hi, I'm Vins, a professional wedding photographer based in Italy and working worldwide. I live my life looking for new ideas all the time. This is what makes me happy. I’ve been harboring my passion for photography since I was a child, it’s always been there.

My father used to give custody of his bulky camera to my inexperienced hands, saying:
<< go explore the world and photograph what you love ... >>
From that moment I realized that capturing the world and the people through a lens is a way to get in touch with an absolute form of beauty, thus seeing things in a different way.

I’m a grown-up guy now and I’ve been lucky enough to explore lots of places, but still my hunger for beauty keeps pushing me further and further, getting me to know people and ideas that enrich my soul.
Getting up in the morning and being happy with what you do is a unique gratification.

I still keep my dad’s words close to my heart.
"This is my dream and I will make you proud of me, Dad.”
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