Best of Wedding Photography

EYE Jogia Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Dubai, Italy, Monaco, Kenya, India, Lake Garda, Los Angeles, Rome, Venice, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New York

Sanjay and Roshni Jogia are EYE Jogia Photography from London.

Together we see, feel and encapsulate the love, energy, excitement and fun that makes a wedding. Whether it’s the natural moments, details (large or small), or beautiful portraits, we will understand and convey the bond between the bride and groom and pour our heart and soul into making the images meaningful.

Reality + Fantasy

[Reality] Our approach is to be completely discreet during ceremonies so that we can capture the wedding in its natural state, and not alter its flow.

[Fantasy] During the creative portraits however, we like to be encouraging and energetic so that we can create beautiful images inspired by fashion, movies and art.

The result is that we always tell the whole story from the documentary images, through the fashion inspired portraits to the group shots.

Sanjay: I am the soul. 

My passion and vision for photography is augmented by my background as an Architect.  This means I appreciate innovation, creativity, form, light, surface and space; all of the things our images consist of.  I also believe that (like architecture) amazing photography is the synergy of creativity and technology, in other words, we understand our equipment just like our best friends!

Roshni: I am the heart.

I love meeting people and making things happen.  There’s nothing better than meeting two people who are head over heels in love and making them realise their dream of becoming one.  Couples love the ‘female touch’.  For me it’s all about giving personal attention, my vision, organisation and support and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day.

‘Love + Light ‘