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Jacob and Pauline Photography
Based In: United Kingdom - London
Other Locations: Italy, France, Spain, New York, California

Hi! We’re Jacob and Pauline, a couple working together to photograph and film weddings around the world. We combine our individual specialisms – wedding photography and filmmaking – in an elegant, timeless style, which effortlessly matches the mood of each event. We love to combine elements of creativity with a classic twist.

It’s incredibly important for us to blend with the wedding itself and work in a subtle and unobtrusive way. We work with the flow of the day, reflecting the emotions of the wedding party and guests, and highlighting the look and feel of our surroundings.

For us, the most outstanding shots are those that preserve the detail of a moment – from the intricate details of the wedding ring to the spectacular panorama of the wedding destination – be it a remote beach, a majestic ballroom or a stunning cliff-top.

Simplicity is of paramount importance. We do not disturb the day with excessive gear, rather preferring to respect the natural current of the wedding and capture it as it unfolds, without being a noticeable fixture.

We’re available for photography and videography.

If you'd like to learn more about our photography and films you can visit our website here:

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