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Francesca Boccabella Photographer
Based In: Perugia, Umbria
Other Locations: France l Spain l England l USA l Italy - Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Palermo. I'm a worldwide wedding photographer, I'll follow your love everywhere!

I’m specialized in wedding reportage because I love to be invisible around you, following the flow of your emotions during the wedding day.

To me every couple is a new world to discover and, observing your dreams and needs, we’ll create a customized and unforgettable box of memories.

I love to be surrounded by art, music, books and dogs.

I love french movies and vintage markets, the colors of the stamps on my passport, walking barefoot on the grass, hugging the trees, taking an aperitif at sunset with my beloved ones.

People, their glances, their interactions, the places where they found themselves, the customs, traditions and cultures were the fundamental elements of my photography, together with a great love and respect for this art form.

In all my photos there are the places I visited, the planes I caught, the books, the poetry I read, the songs I heard, the streets I walked and the people I met, whether for a second, an hour, for this moment or for all my life. My favorite hashtag is #onlyloversleftalive

Perugia wedding photographer