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Based In: Brescia – Garda Lake – Franciacorta - Italy
Other Locations: London – UK l Paris – France l Italy: Venezia, Verona, Firenze, Roma, Como Lake, Sicily, Tuscany.

How exciting it will be, after the wedding, to browse your photo collection?

I believe that your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life together. This day deserves so much attention and surely the best documentation possible.

That’s why I photograph these moments as well as in the role of a reporter I will tell your story: watching everything carefully and taking candid pictures of all memorable moments.

I really love my work and this is the reason why I create unique memories that you can enjoy over the years, you and your lovely family. I use photography to tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds, spontaneously.

I prefer to let the day’s events take place naturally, trying to always to be ready to capture them in real time, occasionally I like to create a little fun involving couples and / or guests in unexpected photographs that are witty and funny.

However, for most of the day, I try to stay “in the background” as a silent observer, paying great attention to genuine and sincere interactions, ready to capture them. All this with a simple and elegant style, living with you the day of your wedding: emotions, smiles, atmosphere and colors.

Who am I?

I have been a photographer for many years and I live and work in Brescia, near Garda and Como Lakes, and I like working in any place in my beautiful country, places like Venice, Verona, Florence, but also in the wonderful Tuscan hills in the home of the best Italian sparkling wines, the Franciacorta region.

I’m also part of ANFM, the Italian organization that supports excellence in this wonderful profession. Being part of the Italian Association of Wedding Photographers is an important goal for a wedding photographer, and now you can find me also here, in the Best of Wedding Photographers, exciting isn’t it?

I’m really proud to be part of this organizations it is an honor and, at the same time, an incentive to offer always my best, for you and for your story, that is as unique as you are.