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Diego Giusti Photographer
Based In: Livorno, Tuscany
Other Locations: Roma, Venezia, Como, Firenze, Milano, Amalfi and All Europe and America

I was born in 1984 and I started early to test myself in photography and every art form. My office is in Livorno but I love working outdoors and I am willing to go everywhere for tell your story though my photos.

Every wedding is a singular and special event, the protagonists are bride and groom, and the story must be told uniquely to capture every single emotion in their hearts. I'll make your wedding an unforgettable day, catching every single moment and every expression with a simple and spontaneous style, giving you the sensation that the photographer doesn't exist.

I'll let you free to act in total freedom for have the maximum spontaneity. At first I prefer getting to know the newlyweds because I want to overthrow every wall or every embarrassment that can be created during the wedding day, when you come across a stranger. I would like to create an amazing relationship between newlyweds and me to go beyond a simple working environment.

Livorno wedding photographer