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Based In: Central Italy, Rome
Other Locations: Italy - Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi, Tuscany l Spain - Andalusia, Ibiza l Greece

Hello! We are Simona and Angelo, photographers.

Not long ago we became wife and husband and we still have fresh memories about what it means to plan a wedding.

Everything is beautiful but can be challenging too and sometimes stressful, we totally understand.

Choosing your wedding photographer it’s a big deal: we will be two of people you will spend more time with during your day, so we realized how important it is to be a delightful company. We love to help keep things light but we know our place. The biggest compliment we ever had was: I didn’t realize you were there!

It may seems to come naturally to us to shoot weddings, that’s not true, we push our boundaries a little further every day and this is our goal!

Come to discover more about us on our website,

Ciao ciao!

Rome wedding photographer