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Spain Wedding Photographers

Claire Morgan Photography

Based In: Mallorca, Spain

Other Locations: Ibiza, Menorca

Allowing the spontaneity of the people to emerge and being there to capture it. These are the true memories of each unique wedding; the laughter, the tears and the warm tender moments. These are the memories that we carry with us into the…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Claire Morgan Photography

Rares Pulbere Photography

Based In: Barcelona, Spain

Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice, Rome l Spain - Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada, Madrid

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde With this in mind, I’m on my journey in this adventure called life. Hi, I’m Rares and I am a passionate traveler, an explorer of life, always looking…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Rares Pulbere Photography

Antonio Moreno Photography

Based In: Murcia, Spain

Other Locations: All over Spain l Worldwide l Europe l Africa l Asia l North America l South America lAustralia

We believe that every wedding is unique and every couple is special too. The key to our photo reports is to know the bride and groom to create a climate of confidence and this is the way to have, firstly, a great time, and secondly, to get…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Antonio Moreno Photography

Martina Zancan

Based In: Barcelona, Spain

Other Locations: Spain - Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Baleares, Canarias l Italy - Tuscany, Como and Garda Lake, Venice, Rome l England - London l Greece l Switzerland l Worldwide

I’m Martina, a brunch addicted, lifeaholic, Italian fashion photographer living the dream in Barcelona and traveling the world to tell stories. I hunt for subtle and intense emotions. I help people celebrating life, love, family and style.…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Martina Zancan

Look Fotografía

Based In: Zaragoza, Spain

Other Locations: Illinois - Chicago l Florida - Miami l USA l Dubai l Mexico l Morocco l England l Portugal

We are Vinny Labella and Nacho Mora, two photographers with a shared passion: Wedding Photography. We think each wedding is unique and unequalled, and it has to be treated that way. We capture those moments that with the pass of the time are…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Look Fotografía

Spain Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Joachim Schmitt Photography
Based In: Germany - Stuttgart
Other Locations: Germany - Heilbronn, Ulm, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Baden Baden, Calw l International l Spain - Ibiza, Majorca

Wedding photography at a high level - Joachim Schmitt Photography Wedding photographer for your wedding in Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Calw, Ludwigsburg, International Dear newlyweds, Nice that you have decided to celebrate your wedding day and…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Joachim Schmitt Photography

Maison di Veronica Masserdotti
Based In: Brescia, Lombardia ‚ Italy
Other Locations: Greece l Spain l Italy, Lombardia‚ Garda Lake‚ Verona‚ Bergamo‚ Mantova - Milan

Veronica Masserdotti was born in Brescia in the north of Italy in 1972. She studied photography at Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera in Milan and has exibited her conceptual-photography in Italian art galleries. In 1994 she began working as a…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Maison di Veronica Masserdotti

NJMattos Photography
Based In: Lisbon - Portugal
Other Locations: New York l Madrid/Barcelona- Spain l London - UK l Rome/Venice - Italy l Swiss Alps, Switzerland l Dubai l France - Paris l Scotland

NJmattos is an international wedding photography studio established in 2010 by twin brothers, Nuno and João Matos, who strive to give each client a unique and unforgettable set of wedding photos. What they aim to do in such a special day is…

Spain Wedding Photographers | NJMattos Photography

Steven Neeson Photography
Based In: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Other Locations: United Kingdom, Spain, Marbella , London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Donegal

Steven Neeson is an award winning, International Wedding Photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Steven's wedding photography style could be described as natural, elegant, romantic and cinematic. Intricately composed shots…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Steven Neeson Photography

Gianluca Mulazzani Creative Wedding Photographer
Based In: Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Garda Lake l Spain l Switzerland l Malta

I was born in Rimini on 1970 and have been a professional wedding photographer since 1994. My style is fresh, emotional and contemporary with a splash of tradition. My vision is to be constantly moving forward and creating beautiful timeless…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Gianluca Mulazzani Creative Wedding Photographer

Estella Lanti – Italy Wedding Photographers
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Rome, Venice, Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Lake Como, Italy l France l Spain l Greece l UK l USA l Dubai

I’m Estella Lanti, an Italian wedding photographer based in Milan. I have a long and wide experience on Italian and International wedding photography. I had the privilege to capture fabulous images abroad: Santorini, Ibizia and even…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Estella Lanti - Italy Wedding Photographers

Torkunov Studios
Based In: Hannover, Germany
Other Locations: Germany - Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg l Spain - Palma de Mallorca l Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg l Europe l Worldwide

We are a full-time destination wedding photographers based in Hannover, Germany The reportage wedding photography is a magnificent genre where we work more than 7 years. Unique emotions, feelings of peoples in love have magic power which is…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Torkunov Studios

Crash Taylor – International Documentary Wedding Photographer
Based In: London, United Kindgdom
Other Locations: Spain l France l Italy l Los Angeles, California

Born in Los Angeles, International Wedding Photographer Crash Taylor is one of the United Kingdom's most in demand documentary wedding photographers. In 2009, Crash was named one of the top 10 UK winter wedding photographers by Professional…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Crash Taylor - International Documentary Wedding Photographer

Plachy Photography
Based In: Vienna, Austria
Other Locations: Salzburg - Austria l Malaga, Barcelona - Spain l Mykonos - Greece l Italy

Plachy Photography represents Jan and Marianna, international award winning wedding photographers. Their work is all about passion, love and emotion. They capture dreams of brides as a couple, as a man and woman. The woman can bring so much…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Plachy Photography

Stuart Wood
Based In: Derbyshire UK
Other Locations: London, Surrey, Cheshire, Harrogate, Hampshire l Spain l Italy

Stuart is now placed amongst the very best wedding photographers because he has successfully brought all his experience shooting at the very highest level for magazines and TV, to today's bridal styles. He is available for your wedding at any…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Stuart Wood

Adams Wedding Photography
Based In: London - UK
Other Locations: Spain l Israel l Surrey, Berkshire, Reading, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol

Hi, I am London based wedding photographer specializing in creative reportage wedding photography. For me photography has to be natural, in documentary style but I like to look at people with a "kind eye". Showing them at their best,…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Adams Wedding Photography

Sansom Photography
Based In: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: France l Spain l London, Lancashire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, All of UK

We are Chris and Verity Sansom, in the last 3 years we’ve shot over 130 weddings, working incredibly hard to hone our talents and to carve out our own unique style in a fiercely competitive market. We now shoot no more than 40 weddings per…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Sansom Photography

Nicola Tanzella photography
Based In: Modena (Northern Italy - Emilia Romagna)
Other Locations: Italy - Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome l Greece l United Kingdom l France - Paris l Spain - Barcelona

I'm based in Northern Italy where I live and work with my girlfriend Federica. We love emotions and we love to travel all around Italy and abroad capturing the emotions between our brides and grooms. We believe that every wedding is unique…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Nicola Tanzella photography

Lorenzo Photography
Based In: London, all over the UK
Other Locations: Spain - Andalusia l France - Normandy l United Kingdom - Cornwall, Kent, Surrey

Expression through creativity makes us unique. I use my creativity to capture the expression of your love to each other as you celebrate the beginning of a new life together with your dearest . A timeless moment that is enduring, romantic and…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Lorenzo Photography

Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer
Based In: Belfast - Ireland
Other Locations: Ireland - Dublin, Donegal, Galway l France - Lorient, Quimper l Spain - Barcelona

I’m a street photographer at heart. I’m also a romantic soul and when I photograph people at weddings I like to put myself in my subjects’ shoes. I like to be invisible. I like to wonder about the mystery of a photograph. I like to…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer

Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer
Based In: Verona, Italy
Other Locations: North of Italy l Bari, Naples, Como, Venice, Florence l Spain - Barcelona

Hi! I am Sergio. I firmly believe that wedding photography is a true form of art. I have a passion for detail, and I am constantly searching for a different angle to see things. When I drive, sometimes I take the longest road to enjoy the…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer

Fabio Azanha Photography
Based In: Portugal: Lisbon, Oporto, Algarve
Other Locations: Brazil l Spain l Italy l France l Greece l UK l Indonesia l South Korea

We are Maria and Fábio, Portugal based wedding photographers that share love for one another and great passion for photography. We were the first South American photographers to scoop an award by WPJA back in 2007, and we have been…

Spain Wedding Photographers | Fabio Azanha Photography

From beautiful Barcelona to bustling Madrid to sweet Salamanca to the sunny shores of Malaga, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, Spain offers endless possibilities for wedded bliss. And regardless of the style and location of your special day, your Spain wedding photographers will have plenty of gorgeous vistas to get the pictures of your dreams. Once you have settled on a place and date to tie the knot with your sweetheart, be in touch with your Spain photography team so they can begin creating the perfect engagement, wedding and day-after photo shoots to capture you and your beloved in your element. It will help if you do some thinking and planning ahead of time. What kind of feel are you looking for in your photo stories? Do you want something styled and themed? Something quirky and fun, or photos that are more natural and perhaps documentary-style? If you’re big city folks, consider doing a photo session in Madrid or Barcelona. Dress in your favorite clothes and stroll along the streets and plazas. Stop in a bookstore and peek over the pages at your sweetie, or grab a cup of coffee in a street-side café. Or, visit a beautiful urban green space like El Parque del Retiro in Madrid. Grab a blanket and let your Spain wedding photographers snap pics of you and your love mid-smooch. For something more quaint, visit one of the many gorgeous smaller cities and towns like Granada, Toledo or Salamanca. Sit on the ancient walls of a bridge over the Guadalquivir in Seville. Or take a hike through the olive groves and vineyards in the gorgeous Andalusia region. Of course, if the ocean is your thing, consider scheduling a photo session with your Spain wedding photographers in one of the many beautiful towns along the Costa del Sol. No matter what you choose for your wedding venue and your photo sessions, just be sure to take time to enjoy the moment (and your sweetheart). It’s your special day!

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