Best of Wedding Photography

NJMattos Photography
Based In: Lisbon - Portugal
Other Locations: New York l Madrid/Barcelona- Spain l London - UK l Rome/Venice - Italy l Swiss Alps, Switzerland l Dubai l France - Paris l Scotland

NJmattos is an international wedding photography studio established in 2010 by twin brothers, Nuno and João Matos, who strive to give each client a unique and unforgettable set of wedding photos. What they aim to do in such a special day is to capture the emotions, the feelings, the real and funny moments.

Their style is photojournalism, because they believe a great moment is happening every second.

If you are thinking in something different, then choose Portugal to get married. Bring your best friends and closest family and do a wonderful party. Portugal has unique places to be photographed, a rare beauty in close contact with the sea and nature. The rest leave with them. On the other hand they also travel to your country and will be very happy to register your wedding.

The LOVE IN … ( city to be photographed ) concept was created by NJMattos Photography in 2011 , a pioneering idea in the world. This is very simple idea, they plan and organize several trips to several locations in the world for a short period of time and record photographic sessions for couples. They have already held LOVE IN…in London, Paris, Venice, Lisbon, Swiss Alps, Scotland and New York.