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Fotoshoot Productions Co Ltd
Based In: Curepipe, Mauritius
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I am a professional Photographer in Mauritius of French Nationality. I started photography in 1994 and rubbed shoulders with professionals from that time. My early photographic years was spent into landscape, portrait and still life. In 2001,…

Tamarin Wedding Photographers | Fotoshoot Productions Co Ltd

From the gorgeous white sandy beaches to the sparkling clear waters to the magnificent waterfalls to the hilly and picturesque village, our first class Tamarin wedding photographers will find idyllic locations to photograph your wedding day. Our professional Tamarin wedding photographers will need a few details about the location of your wedding and venue to scope out breathtaking backgrounds for your wedding photos. Can you just picture some lovely dolphins in the background on Tamarin Bay? Or how an awesome view of the mountains? Our best Tamarin wedding photographers are looking forward to hearing from you. Congratulations!

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