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un Mariage au Paradis
Based In: Tamarin, Mauritius Island
Other Locations: Seychelles l La Réunion


After completing his studies at Arts Déco (ENSAD) in Paris, Elie travelled the world for numerous clients: Figaro Magazine, Grands Reportages, Sygma press, to name but a few. He then chose to concentrate on fashion and beauty photography. For more than 15 years he worked for the Marie-Claire group (Avantages, Cosmopolitan, Familie, Votre Beauté), giving him the opportunity to shoot magnificent portraits for Harcourt Studio. Solicited by some of the world’s renowned photographic agencies such as Getty Images and Corbis, he began to focus on shooting character and life style photographs, mostly in South Africa. His photographs can be seen in numerous press and advertising campaigns worldwide.

On September 11 2001 he moved his family to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, with a vision to live a completely different lifestyle. It was on this beautiful island that he had the idea to offer his many years of experience in fashion photography to newly-weds, and to create “an unforgettable photographic moment” that captures this very special time in their lives.


To transform the traditional set of typical wedding photos into a truly memorable event, that lives up to a couple’s dream of elegance, beauty and joy. To provide an exquisite photographic keepsake to the couple that is as exceptional as their wedding itself and that captures the essences of their unforgettable honeymoon in Mauritius.

All my professional life, I have concentrated on photographing actors, models and celebrities. Then some close friends here in Mauritius asked me to photograph their wedding. It was then that I rediscovered, through the complicity of shaping and sharing such an intimate and emotional event, the true pleasure of photography. Better still, it is a wonderful way of making new friends, making them happy simply by doing my work as a photographer in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.


I am a fashion photographer and I treat each and every marriage with the same application and the same desire for perfection as for all my other work. I am here to make sure that your special day is recorded for posterity with exceptional photos. I am a priviliged witness to your emotions and, with a practiced eye, I make sure that I capture your moments of joy. My images are full of the joys of life and you appear relaxed, happy and filled with the immense joy of this special day.

I offer a full day of photographs (from 10 am to sunset) which gives me the time to get to know my clients who quickly become completely at ease in front of the camera. The photos I take in the morning are informal, relaxed and amusing. Most of these are taken on the beach, but I also take some in the hotel. The couple are usually more at ease before the ceremony, which is a moment filled with powerful emotions. I like the morning session, and it is often here that the most original, amusing, and moving photos come to life…

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