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NJMattos Photography

Based In: Lisbon - Portugal

Other Locations: New York l Madrid/Barcelona- Spain l London - UK l Rome/Venice - Italy l Swiss Alps, Switzerland l Dubai l France - Paris l Scotland

NJmattos is an international wedding photography studio established in 2010 by twin brothers, Nuno and João Matos, who strive to give each client a unique and unforgettable set of wedding photos. What they aim to do in such a special day is…

Portugal Wedding Photographers | NJMattos Photography

Andre Tavares Fotografia

Based In: Porto, Portugal

Other Locations: Santorini, Greece l Ibiza, Spain l Lisbon, Portugal l Mexico l Cyprus

Hello, my name is André, and I am a husband, a father and a friend, some days I also call myself a photographer. I absolutely love people, I love emotions, I love the kindness in people, I love the truth, I love the word "thank you”, I…

Portugal Wedding Photographers | Andre Tavares Fotografia

Viera Photographics

Based In: Portugal

Other Locations: Portugal - Cascais l California - San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sonoma, Napa l New York, NY l Rhode Island

Viera Photographics is a boutique wedding photography company specializing in creative, photojournalistic wedding photography. Our style of photography emphasizes stylish story telling with raw emotion. We combine elements of fashion…

Portugal Wedding Photographers | Viera Photographics

Portugal Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Portugal is a beautiful county filled with ancient Europe history and gorgeous architecture and cobble-stone roads. Our award-winning Portugal wedding photographers will be delighted to share your special day with you creating absolutely gorgeous wedding photos. Castles are so whimsical and you will feel like a princess and prince having wedding shots at one of the many, like the Castle of St. George in Lisbon – you can have view of the whole city as your background in the towers. Our Portugal wedding photographers love taking wedding photos (especially sunset shots) at Cabo da Roca with its picturesque views of the coast. There are literally thousands of stunning places. All our wedding photographers in Portugal need to know is the location of your wedding, and they will be happy to recommend the perfect spot for you. You will be delighted with your beautiful wedding album.

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