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Francesca Boccabella Photographer

Based In: Perugia, Umbria

Other Locations: France l Spain l England l USA l Italy - Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Palermo. I'm a worldwide wedding photographer, I'll follow your love everywhere!

I’m specialized in wedding reportage because I love to be invisible around you, following the flow of your emotions during the wedding day. To me every couple is a new world to discover and, observing your dreams and needs, we’ll create a…

Perugia Wedding Photographers | Francesca Boccabella Photographer

Perugia Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Our Perugia wedding photographers often say -- how enchanting and lovely that you will be making your wedding vows in a city that has the most stunning main square – the gorgeous medieval Fontana Maggiore. Many of our couples have taken our Perugia wedding photographers to the gorgeous landscapes of the universities; also to capture the magnificent architecture (as backgrounds) at the Tempio di Sant’Angelo, Rocca Paolina, Cathedral of San Pietro, Piazza IV Novembre, and Duomo. And there are literally thousands of beautiful sites to capture your cherished wedding photographs. Our wedding photographers in Perugia would also be happy to suggest locations close to your wedding festivities. Book them early – you don’t want to miss out on having one of the top, most professional, and highly skilled wedding photographers in the world.

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