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NJMattos Photography
Based In: Lisbon - Portugal
Other Locations: New York l Madrid/Barcelona- Spain l London - UK l Rome/Venice - Italy l Swiss Alps, Switzerland l Dubai l France - Paris l Scotland

NJmattos is an international wedding photography studio established in 2010 by twin brothers, Nuno and João Matos, who strive to give each client a unique and unforgettable set of wedding photos. What they aim to do in such a special day is…

Madrid Wedding Photographers | NJMattos Photography

Rares Pulbere Photography
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice, Rome l Spain - Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada, Madrid

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde With this in mind, I’m on my journey in this adventure called life. Hi, I’m Rares and I am a passionate traveler, an explorer of life, always looking…

Madrid Wedding Photographers | Rares Pulbere Photography

Martina Zancan
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: Spain - Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Baleares, Canarias l Italy - Tuscany, Como and Garda Lake, Venice, Rome l England - London l Greece l Switzerland l Worldwide

I’m Martina, a brunch addicted, lifeaholic, Italian fashion photographer living the dream in Barcelona and traveling the world to tell stories. I hunt for subtle and intense emotions. I help people celebrating life, love, family and style.…

Madrid Wedding Photographers | Martina Zancan

Antonio Moreno Photography
Based In: Murcia, Spain
Other Locations: All over Spain l Worldwide l Europe l Africa l Asia l North America l South America lAustralia

We believe that every wedding is unique and every couple is special too. The key to our photo reports is to know the bride and groom to create a climate of confidence and this is the way to have, firstly, a great time, and secondly, to get…

Madrid Wedding Photographers | Antonio Moreno Photography

Gianluca Mulazzani Creative Wedding Photographer
Based In: Canarias, Spain
Other Locations: Italy - Emilia-Romagna, Venice, Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Garda Lake, San Marino l Spain - Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona, Murcia, Baleares

I was born in Rimini on 1970 and have been a professional wedding photographer since 1994. My style is fresh, emotional and contemporary with a splash of tradition. My vision is to be constantly moving forward and creating beautiful timeless…

Madrid Wedding Photographers | Gianluca Mulazzani Creative Wedding Photographer

Our Madrid wedding photographers are over the moon that you have decided to make your wedding vows in this fascinating city. And the places to photograph wedding pictures are endless. If you love the romance of gardens, our Madrid wedding photographers have enjoyed taking breathtaking wedding photos in the lush green Royal Botanical Garden, as well as in Parque del oeste complete with a fragrant rose garden and an Egyptian temple. Another great location is along the lake at Retro Park. And two of our favorite squares are Plaza Mayor and Plaza de España. For historical sites, there’s the grand neoclassical Alcala Gate and Almudena Cathedral and, of course, the famous Plaza de Cibeles fountain. In Madrid, there’s something to suit every bride and groom’s desires. To have the most amazing wedding album, be sure to contact our wedding photographers in Madrid in plenty of time.

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