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Winners of the BOWP LENS & LIGHT HONOR, which recognizes true leaders in the wedding photography field. -Best of Wedding Photography Fabulous photographers capturing every moment, Brook and Alisha Todd. -Oprah Winfrey Among the 10 Best…

Los Gatos Wedding Photographers | Alisha + Brook Photographers

Gorgeous, gorgeous Las Gatos – with lush and exquisite vineyards to select from for your treasured wedding photographs. Your Las Gatos wedding photographers will be delighted to take pictures in some of the most beautiful wineries you can imagine such as Loma Prieta Winery, David Bruce Winery, MJA Vineyards, and Byington Winery and Vineyards. Enjoy the once in a lifetime ultimate romance. What about gorgeous reservoir shots in Lexington Reservoir County Park? Another great park if you want to tap into your child side is Vasona Lake County Park – share a tender kiss on the merry-go-round or railroad. Castle Rock State Park is great too, but be prepared for a very busy place. The waterfalls at Castle Rock Falls are not only wonderful to view – but just imagine surrounding you and your new spouse in amazing wedding pictures. And don’t forget about Addison Penzak Jewish Prschl. Talk to your Las Gatos wedding photographers to find the perfect place or places to capture lovely wedding photos for a wedding album that will speak volumes for years to come.

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