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un Mariage au Paradis
Based In: Tamarin, Mauritius Island
Other Locations: Seychelles l La Réunion

Bio: After completing his studies at Arts Déco (ENSAD) in Paris, Elie travelled the world for numerous clients: Figaro Magazine, Grands Reportages, Sygma press, to name but a few. He then chose to concentrate on fashion and beauty…

La Reunion Wedding Photographers | un Mariage au Paradis

Exotic, romantic, and paradise-like is how our professional La Reunion wedding photographers describe this place where you will exchange your wedding vows. It’s amazing to be getting married near the Indian Ocean but even more incredible in La Reunion. If you are lucky enough to spend some time in a helicopter with your new spouse, you can get some fantastic shots of the glorious waterfalls and deep canyons as a fascinating background. Our La Reunion wedding photographers are extremely skilled at taking wedding photos along the coastal beaches – just imagine sharing tender glances as the glorious sun sets. From Jardin de l’Etat to the picturesque town of Hell-Bourg to Notre Dame de la Lave to posing amid the wild orchids, be prepared to be awed by the beauty captured in your treasured wedding album. Your friends and family will be happy for you and perhaps a wee bit jealous. And who better to take your wedding pictures than our wedding photographers in La Reunion – the ‘cream of the crop’ across the whole world.