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Based In: Central Italy, Rome
Other Locations: Italy - Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi, Tuscany l Spain - Andalusia, Ibiza l Greece

ZONZO - Named one of “30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography” by Rangefinder Magazine, New York 2018 Life is made up of days lasting 24 hours each. We can’t have one longer or shorter, but we do have memorable moments, fragments of life…

Ibiza Wedding Photographers | ZONZO

How exciting that you are planning your wedding in Ibiza! Our award winning Ibiza wedding photographers are pleased too! You just found the best of the best Ibiza wedding photographers and need look no further for modern and artistic wedding photos. You will be extremely pleased with your finished wedding album. Nothing is more romantic than a wedding photo in fascinating Eivissa or charming Talamanca or the Mediterranean San Antonio Bay. How about sharing a tender kiss right on one of the several beaches (like Santa Eulalia or Formentera) especially when the sun starts to set? The sites for gorgeous wedding photos are boundless – tell your wedding photographers in Ibiza the location of your wedding venue, and they will gladly help you find an ideal location or locations to capture your precious wedding day from beginning to end. Be prepared to be overjoyed at the final modern and artistic results.

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