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Adriano Mazzocchetti Fotografo
Based In: Teramo, Italy
Other Locations: Italy: Rome - Florence - Lake Como - Venice - Amalfi Coast - Capri l Europe

I was born in 1973 and I started photographing wedding events ten years ago. I love entering the fray and documenting everything that is happening around me with my shots. I love to understand what the bride and the groom want and imagine for…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Adriano Mazzocchetti Fotografo

Vincenzo Massaro – Italian Wedding Photographer
Based In: Taranto - Apulia - Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Rome, Capri | Switzerland l UK l around the world

Hi, I'm Vins, a professional wedding photographer based in Italy and working worldwide. I live my life looking for new ideas all the time. This is what makes me happy. I’ve been harboring my passion for photography since I was a child,…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Vincenzo Massaro - Italian Wedding Photographer

Matteo Cuzzola Photography
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Udine, Venice, Como Lake, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Florence, Tuscany

I absolutely love what I do! I am an enthusiastic photographer since childhood and I have the privilege of documenting the most important moments in people's lives. I have always been intrigued by photography, I studied photography in Milan…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Matteo Cuzzola Photography

Emiliano Russo – Destination wedding photographer
Based In: Amalfi, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Apulia, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide

Emiliano Russo is a destination wedding photographer based in Amalfi Coast and Ravello and hired as wedding photographer for the major Italian wedding destinations. His style is a good balance between the modern fine art photography with a…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer

Borzacchiello Photographer
Based In: Naples, Italy
Other Locations: Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Firenze, Venezia

My name is Rosario Borzacchiello and I am a wedding reporter/photographer from Italy with over 20 years of experience. I am currently based in Naples and just a few minutes from Amalfitan Coast. So, differently from other colleagues that…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Borzacchiello Photographer

Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers
Based In: Rome, Italy
Other Locations: Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide

Professional Photographer since 1988. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, Massimiliano opened Nabis Photography studio in 1994. His passion for photography brought him into contact with some of the most…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers

Alessio Martinelli – Blackandlight
Based In: Rome, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide Born in Rome on 08/18/1970 he graduated from the Technical Institute ”Galileo Galilei”, twenty years of experience in the field of television works as a videographer and director of photography…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Alessio Martinelli - Blackandlight

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer
Based In: Trapani Sicily, Italy
Other Locations: New York | Montreal | Tokyo | Shanghai | Mykonos | New Delhi | Europe | Italy: Taormina, Venice, Amalfi, Palermo, Capri

Nino Lombardo is a Sicily wedding photographer who will capture a realistic and natural picture on your wedding day. He literally loves black and white reportage, the play of light and shadows, the emotions, the joys of marriage and you and…

Capri Wedding Photographers | Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

The great news for you today is that you can stop your search for award-winning Capri wedding photographers. Here they are on Best of Wedding Photography – we are talking the best of the best. The even greater news is that you are getting married soon in beautiful Capri – you must be so excited and full of emotions. Let our Capri wedding photographers introduce to some fabulous locations for your wedding shoot, starting with breathtaking Augustus Gardens and moving on to Pizzolungo, Migliera, Punta Carena (with a dreamy and romantic lighthouse), Mounte Solaro, Marina Piccola, and Faro Beach. Then there is Marina Grande and the Grotta Azzurra (although you must enter by boat – it is very narrow – so this is for the more adventurous). We could list hundreds of more locations for your wedding photos. Just give our wedding photographers in Capri an idea of your wedding venue, and we will take it from there (of course, you will make the ultimate decision). Your wedding album will be the talk of every family member and friend you have, guaranteed.

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