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Jolie Histoire Photography
Based In: Luxembourg City
Other Locations: France - Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Reims, Paris l Belgium - Arlon

In 2012, my cousin got married. She changed my life forever when shed asked me to be her wedding photographer. Of course, being fully aware that my passion for landscape photography did not make me a wedding photographer, I kindly declined…

Belgium Wedding Photographers | Jolie Histoire Photography

Our Belgium wedding photographers could not be more delighted to hear that you are getting married in our beautiful country. Congratulations! Our Belgium wedding photographers would be over the moon to spend your wedding day with you – capturing endless moments and memories for you. Several of our couples opted to have the charming European town of Brussels for their photos, e.g., the 13th century Grand Place, the famous Mannekin Pis (suitable for couples with a sense of humor). How about among the medieval buildings in Antwerp? Bruges is absolutely gorgeous with its streets of cobble stone – imagine sharing a tender glance with your new spouse in a romantic horse-drawn carriage. Our photographers in Belgium have only touched on a few of the hundreds of places for your wedding photos. To name just a few more, there is Bastogne, Ghent, Mons, Liege, the city of Spa, Namur, and Mechelen (all with their very own charm). Just let our wedding photographers in Belgium know the location of your wedding and venue, and they will happily assist you with selecting pretty spots for your wedding day.

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