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Jolie Histoire Photography
Based In: Luxembourg City
Other Locations: France - Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Reims, Paris l Belgium - Arlon

In 2012, my cousin got married. She changed my life forever when shed asked me to be her wedding photographer. Of course, being fully aware that my passion for landscape photography did not make me a wedding photographer, I kindly declined her request. But she insisted so much that in the end I accepted.

Feeling the pressure growing as the wedding day was getting closer, I could not help but reading blogs about wedding photography, buying the right gear, and simply educating myself by going through as many wedding photos as I could find online.

Shooting my cousin's wedding was a revelation: finally I had found my true vocation. The smile on her face when she discovered her photos was so rewarding that I decided to shoot more weddings and soon after it became my full-time job.

In 2013, I created Jolie Histoire. That stands for ‘Beautiful Story' in French and it perfectly sums up my philosophy of wedding photography. In order to recreate all the emotion of the wedding day, I have developed a documentary style. It helps me building up a storyline through my images and capture all the emotions of this very special moment of your life. As a story-teller, my work is timeless, and in 30 years from now you will be able to remember that day the way you lived it and share it with your children and grand-children.

The reason I love to photograph weddings lies in three words: “Telling your story”.

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