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Jolie Histoire Photography
Based In: Luxembourg City
Other Locations: France - Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Reims, Paris l Belgium - Arlon

In 2012, my cousin got married. She changed my life forever when shed asked me to be her wedding photographer. Of course, being fully aware that my passion for landscape photography did not make me a wedding photographer, I kindly declined…

Arlon Wedding Photographers | Jolie Histoire Photography

How very lovely that you will be exchanging your wedding vows in Arlon -- our Arlon wedding photographers are very happy for you because they know that Arlon on the southern cusp of Belgium is a very special and romantic place. A place that is attractive, yet quaint dating back to the pre-Roman tribes -- a beautiful place to remember when you make your wedding vows. If you love history, how about these places for the backgroud images for your wedding -- the Arlon Centre, Knipchen Hill (full of gorgeous cobbled streets), the Church of St. Donat, the Musee Archeologique, or the Chateau de Bouillon, and so much more! Be sure to contact our Arlon wedding photographers early in your planning process to ensure that they will be available for your special day -- your wedding day.

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